Marketing to the Evolving B2B Tech Digital Buyer

A complimentary on-demand webinar

Digital is transforming everything, including how B2B technology buyers research and purchase solutions. Marketers need to evolve their approach to engage effectively with a diverse group of self-educating, digital buyers. From the content they desire to the places they seek out information, digital buyers for B2B technology are charting a different course than traditional buyers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to get practical insights and advice that will help you better engage and serve your changing B2B technology buyer. You’ll learn:

  • The types of B2B technology solutions digital buyers want
  • Digital buyers’ unique patterns of behavior that your marketing must take into account
  • Comparisons of a traditional B2B tech buyer’s journey vs a digital buyer’s journey
  • Advice for generating better results through your marketing efforts

Hosted by:

Tyler McDaniel
Vice President, Business Technographics

Steven Casey
Principal Analyst

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