Reap the benefits of AI and analytics to build intelligent experiences

A complimentary Forrester event

  • Date: Monday, 5 March 2018
  • Time: 15:30–18:30 CET
  • Location: Hilton Amsterdam, Apollolaan 138, 1077 BG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become part of our daily lives in the form of voice-powered digital assistants, recommendation engines, and image-tagging services, to name only a few.

Firms can now extract an unprecedented level of business insights from customer conversations and touchpoints. But to what extent can decision-makers really leverage this wealth of data and analytics to build a truly intelligent experience around their customers?

During this interactive event, Forrester thought leaders will help you:

  • Learn the potential role of AI technologies in helping you better understand your customers, and use this to deliver a vastly improved customer experience
  • Tailor your selection of business transformation technologies, and craft your business model around solving the needs of the customer
  • Identify the key challenges and pitfalls to avoid so you can reap the benefits of AI without making headlines for all the wrong reasons

Hosted by:

Martha Bennett
Principal Analyst

David Wheable
VP Consulting

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