Predictions 2021: Accelerating Out Of The Crisis

In 2020, the impossible happened over and over. Companies overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges by employing technical agility and deep customer understanding.

That spirit will define 2021: Top companies will invest in adaptability, customer-obsession, and technology-fueled experiences. Download our guide to 2021’s critical business and technology trends.

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Predictions 2021: Winning CIOs Get Future Fit

In 2021, we predict CIOs will act more locally when it comes to tech selection and develop better employee experiences. Learn more in our 2021 CIO predictions.
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Predictions 2021: Strong CMOs Will Own Their Companies’ Regrowth

In 2021, we expect to see an obvious separation of CMOs who are leaders -- those who recognize that 2020 launched a new chapter for the way commerce works, from CMOs who are outdated -- those content to run promotions, sales support or media buying teams.  Companies without a CMO leader won't survive. 
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Drive alignment across B2B marketing, sales, and product functions and power growth.

B2B Leaders: Seize Opportunity Amid Disruption

Amid unprecedented uncertainty lies vast opportunity for B2B leaders. Capitalize on that opportunity with fact-based research and market insights.


Autonomous Finance: It’s A Matter Of Trust

With many business functions being automated, what makes financial services different? On this week’s episode, Principal Analyst Peter Wannemacher explores the issues of trust involved with autonomous finance.
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Predictions 2021: Cloud Computing Powers Pandemic Recovery

Dave Bartoletti 14 hours ago
Get a deep-dive on Forrester's prediction that cloud computing will help companies around the world accelerate pandemic recovery in 2021.
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Predictions 2021: Divided Consumers Will Wrestle With Escalating Individual, Community, And Global Tensions

Anjali Lai 4 days ago
Escalating tensions will influence consumer behavior in 2021 as we move beyond crisis mode and see the new patterns forged from the current crisis. Read our consumer predictions for 2021.
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Predictions 2021: Accelerating Out Of The Crisis

The business landscape has fundamentally shifted. Success in 2021 will depend on firms’ willingness and ability to harness disruption and drive meaningful change. Read our Predictions Guide to learn how to meet the moment and thrive.

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