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Technology is the foundation for nearly every customer experience, and today’s customers expect you to provide value to them through digital channels. Using data-driven insights to understand the changing B2B tech buyer — their preferences and purchase journeys — is the most important capability B2B marketers need now.

Tech buyer insights to shape product and marketing decisions

Your changing tech buyer

73% of North American B2B technology spending is business-led or heavily influenced by business leaders.

32% of technology spending outside of the CIO’s organization is conducted without IT’s input.

42% of business leaders believe that technology is too important for them not to be involved in purchasing decisions.

Insights that drive growth

Business Technographics provides you with deep insights into who your buyers are and what they want — their priorities, challenges, investments, technology adoption behaviors, and purchase journeys — to help you:

  • Identify the most lucrative market opportunities arising from tech adoption.
  • Ensure that your product positioning, messaging, and content resonate with your target audience.
  • Plan more effective marketing programs to engage target buyers and optimize spend.
  • Capitalize on growth segments and ensure that your go-to-market strategies drive revenue.

See the Technographics platform in action. (2:06)

Data when you need it

The Technographics platform allows you to easily search, browse, and explore Business Technographics data. Filter the data by segments that are important to your business, and create collections of data that tell a story and solve your business challenges.

  • Quickly find relevant insights to answer business questions or respond to urgent needs from stakeholders.
  • Get exclusive reports and data snapshots.
  • Filter, view, save, and download data.
  • Get automatic charting and table views.
  • Curate data collections to make better business decisions.
  • Collaborate and share your data insights across your organization.

“I really appreciate the data I get from Business Technographics. I’ve been working with the Forrester team for years and rely on their expertise to provide me with data and content that I leverage in a variety of ways, including executive presentations and strategic planning.”

Sue Yeager

Global Market Intelligence

Customized business data tailored to your challenges

In addition to rich data insights from Business Technographics, Forrester can also draw from our rigorous primary research and Business Technographics to deliver custom data tailored to your specific business requirements. Capabilities range from segmentation, driver analysis, landscape mapping, conjoint analysis, and social listening.

Learn more about Forrester’s custom data services.

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Business Technographics data explores a deep range of topics to give you credible buyer insights across 10 countries.

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