Omnibus surveys

Forrester Consumer Technographics® Omnibus surveys are a fast, inexpensive way to ask proprietary questions and get valuable answers from a representative sample of online consumers. Omnibus surveys provide you with insights into a wide range of research needs, including testing new product concepts, gauging market demand, tracking brand health, and gathering competitive intelligence.

In addition to receiving answers to your custom questions, you will also receive responses to a set of Forrester-sponsored questions on topics like technology use and adoption, purchase behaviors, use of social media, and banking and investment behavior.

The Omnibus survey process

  • Forrester helps you refine and optimize the content of your questions.
  • Forrester collects and cleans the resulting data.
  • You receive the results of both your questions and Forrester-sponsored questions.
SurveySample sizeDeadline to submit questionsData delivered to clients
Consumer Technographics North American Online Omnibus Survey, Q1 20185,0002/23/20183/23/2018
Consumer Technographics North American Online Omnibus Recontact Survey, Q2 201810,0005/18/20186/29/2018
Consumer Technographics North American Online Omnibus Recontact Survey, Q3 201810,0008/17/20189/28/2018
Consumer Technographics North American Online Omnibus Survey, Q4 20185,00011/16/201812/21/2018

Additional offerings

Our analysts and data insights managers can summarize and interpret your Omnibus survey results for you, delivering key findings and actionable insights including:

  • A custom analysis of your data along with industry expertise and best practices, presented in person or via conference call.
  • A custom dashboard deliverable or PowerPoint presentation to bring your data to life.
  • Longitudinal analysis of your survey questions over time.
  • Insight into your proprietary customer segments.


By participating in the Omnibus survey, you’ll receive:

  • A data set delivered in SPSS format that includes answers to your proprietary Omnibus questions and Forrester-sponsored questions. (Additional database formats are available upon request.)
  • An Excel spreadsheet with crosstabs of your questions by standard demographics.
  • A custom dashboard deliverable or PowerPoint presentation to bring your data to life (optional, requires additional investment).

If you are a Forrester Technographics client, you’ll also receive access to custom data cuts through your data insights manager.

Sponsored questions

In addition to finding answers to your own proprietary questions, Forrester’s Omnibus surveys sponsor a number of questions to help you segment your audience, including by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household size
  • Number of children in household and ages
  • ZIP code/region
  • Education
  • Employment status
  • Industry
  • Household income
  • Time spent online
  • Home internet connection type
  • Device ownership
  • Lifestyle attributes and attitudes toward technology

Along with the standard sponsored questions, our Q2 and Q3 Omnibus Recontact surveys give you the option to append responses from our 2018 Consumer Technographics North American Online Benchmark Survey to ensure you get the most robust view of consumers.

Our Q1 and Q4 Omnibus surveys also include a workforce-specific survey, giving you insights into today’s technology-enabled professionals, including their:

  • Current role
  • Seniority
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Use of technology at work

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