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To drive significant growth opportunities, you need unique and tailored customer insights to deliver differentiated products and experiences in an increasingly competitive market.

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Whether you are targeting a new audience, gathering social intelligence, or benchmarking company performance, our custom data services deliver deep customer insights to help you plan for success today and tomorrow.

  • Qualitative insights from our digital online community
  • Landscape mapping of brand prominence and growth opportunities

Understanding buyer perceptions

A multinational computer technology company had lost competitive ground


The growth of the client’s enterprise server business had slowed considerably and they had little insight as to why they were losing market share. To gain competitive ground, the client needed to examine how to be more effective in retaining existing customers and enriching those relationships.


Forrester designed a survey to uncover whether the experience of the salesperson played a role in the purchase decision or if it was solely based on the merits of the equipment, cost, or other product attributes.


A better informed growth strategy based on the mindset and perceptions of the client’s buyer.

Customer-Centric Packaging

Hear how data analyst Anjali Lai helped a mobility manufacturer build effective “customer-centric” service packages based on loyalty, satisfaction, and overall experience. (1:90)

Call center performance

A leading life insurance company invested in improvements to their call center to achieve a competitive advantage


As competitive advantage relies on increasingly positive customer interactions, the client wanted to revisit past call center performance work with Forrester to guide their current CX initiatives.


Forrester surveyed customers in a study that incorporated the CX Index framework and provided scores, drivers, and potential growth impact of improved call center scores.


A comprehensive analysis and call center benchmark study that improved upon past success and moved the client’s CX forward.

Product feature optimization

“When my company wanted to launch a new service, we asked Forrester for guidance. They designed and delivered a custom conjoint analysis study that educated us on the expected price, speed, basic and advanced features our consumers expected. We then took that information and used it to build a service that we’re confident our customers will want to buy.”

— Marketing Manager, Telecommunications Provider

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