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Asia Pacific was the first region to be affected by COVID-19. Country-wide lockdowns and suspended freedom of movement resulted in a multitude of cancelled events. Businesses suddenly needed to prioritise safety and security of their employees above all else. Events were cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

Asia Pacific, being as much as 12 weeks ahead of the curve of the rest of the regions in managing COVID-19, is the first to pivot their marketing activities to cope with the situation. Marketing leaders here are emerging as front runners in leading the charge in their organisation to drive customer value while mitigating business risks.

Watch this webinar where four Asia Pacific heads of marketing from Oracle, Cisco, AVEVA and Twilio Inc. in  share their journey and discuss their re-prioritisation of marketing activities in this pandemic.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Asia-Pacific was the first region that had to pivot and cope with the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Hear from APAC marketing leaders for their insights into what they are doing in place of physical events.
  • APAC marketing leaders share guidance for other regions that are two to three months behind in coping with COVID-19.

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