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On The Road Talking About Emerging And Innovative Methodologies

Roxana Strohmenger
VP, CX Index
October 12, 2011

What do autumn’s cool breeze and changing leaves signal for market researchers (especially those who live up north)? The beginning of the fall market research conference season. This is where we move past our virtual conversations via blogs and Twitter and meet face to face to talk about what really matters to us. For me, it is all about the benefits of emerging and innovative methodologies and what place they will have in our immediate future. Looking over my conference schedule, my conference season “theme” has primarily shaped up to be all about mobile, which doesn’t surprise me. As I wrote back in July, we need to wake up and start thinking about mobile. Mobile offers us the unique opportunity to close the distance between the consumer’s experience and our assessment of that experience. As such, I firmly believe that mobile research will be one of the most critical methods we have at our disposal to help us understand the empowered consumer in this new Age of the Customer.

Where will my “mobile-themed” road show take me this conference season? Here is where I will be in the next month or two.

First, I will be speaking at CASRO’s Annual Conference in Palm Beach, October 19-21. Here, I’ll be joined by some great colleagues on a panel discussing how firms can identify which emerging methodologies to invest in and what the process entails. Mobile will definitely be highlighted here as an example of a methodology that delivers a significant ROI.

Then I will be speaking at Forrester’s Consumer Forum in Chicago, October 27-28, about how companies can use emerging methodologies to become customer-obsessed and agile. One of the case studies will focus on how MESH Planning’s Experience Tracker helped LG’s in-store marketing efforts.

Next up is The Market Research Event in Orlando, November 7-9. The focus of this presentation will be on what the future of mobile market research will look like. Here I will be demonstrating how new mobile approaches such as Locately’s location analytics and the Globalpark (QuestBack) augmented reality approaches are valuable techniques to embrace in the mobile research landscape.

Finally, I wrap up at Forrester’s Marketing & Strategy Forum EMEA in London, November 16-17. Here I will discuss how mobile research can be the gateway to understanding the global consumer and highlight a case study done by Lumi Mobile, Millward Brown, and Unilever to assess advertising effectiveness around the world.

I would love to see you at one of these events, so please feel free to reach out if you are attending and would like to meet in person.


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