Ready, Fire, Aim! With Client Virtualization, Are You As Ready As You Think?

David Johnson
Principal Analyst
October 20, 2011

Michael Masterson's book "Ready, Fire, Aim" is one of my favorites. Masterson, a serial entrepreneur who has built dozens of businesses, some to $100 million in revenue and beyond, explains that the biggest determiner between success and failure is how quickly we get going and execute…even if the plan isn't perfect. Spot on!

But, Masterson also takes great care to explain how critical (and often misunderstood) being truly "ready" is, and that "firing" without actually being ready is as bad as if not worse than delaying for perfection. So what do we do? Where do we draw the line when it comes to projects like client virtualization, with hundreds of moving parts, politics galore, and very little objective, unbiased information available?

Answer: The winners will get going today…now…and will get ready by talking to the people their work will ultimately serve, and learn enough about their needs and the technology and best practices to avoid the mistakes most likely to result in failure — knowledge that they will acquire in less than 90 days. The fire process starts the moment they make an investment in new people or technology, and the aiming process continues through the life cycle of the service, steadily improving in value, effectiveness, and efficiency.

If you're an IT Infrastructure and Operations Professional who understands how important technology can be in delivering competitive advantage and wants your organization to thrive, join us at the upcoming Forrester Infrastructure & Operations Forum, for the session entitled "Transforming The Desktop Experience To Drive Customer Intimacy" on November 9-10 in Miami, Florida. I&O professionals looking to kick off client virtualization initiatives should::

  • Understand how client virtualization and mobility are delivering competitive advantage. Specifically, how it is enabling highly personalized, close discussions between customers and providers, why mobile applications and leveraging the app internet are imperative, which mobile applications are making your competitors' sales reps smarter, and how people are working more effectively on the road this year than last. This part of the session will help you understand what you can expect the good, realistic outcomes to be.
  • Know how to structure a team with the right skills and working habits to execute fast. The structure and skills of your execution team are the most critical factor, and it makes the difference between wild success, partial success, and failure. In the rush to "fire!" very few I&O leaders (usually for fear of analysis-paralysis) have an understanding of how team dynamics will affect the outcomes of a client virtualization initiative, so most take shortcuts for expediency. By giving a little more thought and structure to the team during the "ready" phase, I&O leaders will virtually guarantee wild success.
  • Map the technology landscape and bring it to life for their team. Most of our inquiries for client virtualization come from smart, accomplished people who are having a heck of a time figuring out the technology landscape for client virtualization — what's real and what's vendor hype, and what they should be looking at first, vs. second or third. No wonder! Forrester is currently tracking nearly 30 technology categories and twice that many vendors in the client virtualization space — many of them with terrific value propositions that will either accelerate execution or improve end user experience with the results in significant ways. We will paint this landscape for you in vivid living color.
  • Learn from other customers who got it right, building hybrid teams, establishing fast, efficient processes, and choosing technologies wisely for performance and end user experience.

We will discuss all of the points and more, and hope to see you in Miami. It will be a fun session and we'll keep it lively!


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