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Are You Ready To Disrupt Yourself?

James L. McQuivey
Vice President, Principal Analyst
November 3, 2011

Or will someone else do it for you? That's the principal question I have after seeing the first week's worth of responses to our Digital Disruption Readiness Assessment survey. This 5-minute survey (available at forr.com/digitalreadiness) is already revealing critical vulnerabilities in corporate readiness. Consider the following data point:

It's not that people think their industries are safe from digital disruption — quite the contrary. A full 76% see "significant opportunity" for digital to disrupt the industry they serve. Yet only a third think their companies will put the right resources in place to adapt to the changes that digital will bring. 

I spoke at a private conference outside of San Francisco on Tuesday and shared our digital disruption research with the room, elaborating on the Lose It! case study I posted on Mashable last week. Afterward, several entrepreneurs spoke to me about their own experiences as digital disruptors. One of them — who self-identified as a Gen Yer who had recently received $15 million in funding for his startup — explained to me that the cost of disrupting has fallen so low that he doesn't even think people like him need to go for the big funding anymore (not that he refused it when it came!). He said, "Especially in software, it only takes $30,000 to build anything in software today."

That's a digital disruptor. He's not bound by traditional economics, old-school partnership boundaries, or even antiquated notions of customer privacy. How are you going to compete with someone who thinks — and acts — like that?

We want to help you be your own best nightmare. Take the readiness assessment at forr.com/digitalreadiness — it literally takes an average of 5.25 minutes — then pass it to your friends to do the same. We're busy preparing the scorecard we'll share with everyone who completes the readiness assessment. Each person's scorecard will show the average answers on the key levels of readiness: Industry, company, individual. Alongside those scores will be the individual's own responses, so each person will know how they compare to the average in readiness (or vulnerability, as the case may be). We're shooting for 1,000 responses before we share the data, so help us get to that number so we can go public with the results.

Happy disrupting.


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