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Influence Forrester’s Future Banking Apps Coverage

Jost Hoppermann
Vice President, Principal Analyst
September 11, 2013

Forrester’s latest survey on financial services architecture shows that financial services firms in general, and banks in particular, put a high priority on a few selected topics (see the figure below). Our banking-specific research for AD&D professionals has focused on topics like banking architecture, banking platforms including core banking, Internet and mobile banking (to be published soon), and multichannel enablement. Forrester’s more industry-neutral research has covered aspects such as analytics, business intelligence, big data, customer relationsship management and other, less industry-specific, areas of business applications.

We have also started preparing a report about the key building blocks of today’s risk management solutions. However, my recent discussions with Forrester clients have covered plenty of additional topics, including anti-money-laundering, branch apps, private wealth management, lending in retail/consumer banking, corporate/commercial lending and its syndicated flavors, mortgages, trading, and treasury, just to mention a few.

As my discussions with our clients are broader than even the broad set of topics of the most recent financial services architecture survey, we would love to align our banking-specific 2014 reports with those topics that bother you most.

Therefore, please let me know which of the aforementioned topics — or any other banking theme — you (and your bank) are most interested in. Are you more interested in a functional topic (either one listed in the chart or something similar) from an off-the-shelf perspective? Or are you more interested in banking-specific solution architecture — or even something entirely different that I haven’t mentioned here?

As always, I am highly interested in your feedback — this time to better align my research with your needs. Just let me know by emailing me at JHoppermann (at)


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