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Digital Transformation - Part 2: Culture And Organization

Dan Bieler July 1, 2016

The most digitally aware managers are realizing that cultural and organizational transformation will dominate their agenda for years to come. Emerging business models will not function based on old organizational structures, traditional innovation approaches, and outdated management techniques. In the late 1990s, many traditional businesses mentally leapfrogged by adding a “dotcom” to their name. Those […]

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Microsoft’s Acquisition Of LinkedIn Will Not Translate Into A Revolution Of Enterprise Social Networking

Dan Bieler June 23, 2016

In a report, Forrester discussed arguments made by Microsoft regarding the potential benefits of the tie-up. There are some additional aspects that I also consider important when discussing the implications of the tie-up: LinkedIn's status of trusted independent platform for professional information exchange could be undermined. Although the deal, should it go through, would help […]

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Mobile Edge Computing Will Be Critical For Internet-Of-Things And Distributed Computing

Dan Bieler June 8, 2016

Computing at the edge of the mobile network will frame your IoT-enabled customer experiences in the age of the customer. As products and services based on the internet of things (IoT) continue to thrive, so does the reliance on the underlying network infrastructures to drive business success. Most IoT assets will be connected via mobile […]

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Mobilize The Internet Of Things

Dan Bieler May 19, 2016

Businesses can obtain major benefits — including better customer experiences and operational excellence — from the internet of things (IoT) by extracting insights from connected objects and delivering feature-rich connected products. The mobile mind shift requires businesses to proactively support these IoT benefits for nonstationary connected objects that exist as part of IoT solutions. In […]

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EU Blocks Three's Takeover Of O2 And Leaves The UK Mobile Market In Limbo

Dan Bieler May 12, 2016

After months of rumors, the EU finally decided to block the £10.5 billion takeover of Telefonica's O2 UK by Hong Kong’s CK Hutchison, the owner of Three UK. Brussels loves to shine as the white knight protecting UK consumers from higher prices and less choice. Yet, I believe the rollercoaster will continue. But what does […]

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Reflections On Huawei’s Analyst Summit 2016 – And Beyond

Dan Bieler April 19, 2016

As always each year, Huawei hosted its analyst event in April, with hordes of analysts descending on Shenzhen. Here are a few observations from the event: In 2015, Huawei’s revenues grew by 37% to €61 billion and its EBIT grew by 34% to €7 billion, keeping the operating margin stable at just under 12%. Huawei’s […]

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Innovation Management Solutions Push Innovation That Creates Both Change And Value

Dan Bieler April 13, 2016

Source: The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Solutions, Q2 2016 Innovation that only creates change is just that — change. When we asked firms about their major business objectives, 37% claim that product and service innovation is central to their business transformation. But old-style innovation will be very tough to maintain. To exploit business value from digital […]

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Businesses Need To Prepare For New Digital Realities

Dan Bieler April 4, 2016

Photo: Bergmann At Mobile World Congress 2016, GE outlined some fundamental insights about the digital transformation efforts of industrial businesses. William Ruh, CEO for GE Digital, a US$6 billion business of General Electric, shared valuable insights about the digital transformation process that industrial businesses need to tackle. Businesses must focus on those activities that they […]

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Managers Must Understand The Differences From Past Ways Of Doing Business

Dan Bieler March 29, 2016

Photo: Bergmann At Mobile World Congress 2016, GE outlined some fundamental insights about the digital transformation efforts of industrial businesses. William Ruh, CEO for GE Digital, a US$6 billion business of General Electric, shared valuable insights about the digital transformation process that industrial businesses need to tackle. Industrial companies are very different from consumers: They […]

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The Next Decade Will Be About The Industrial Internet

Dan Bieler March 25, 2016

Photo: Bergmann “The industrial companies that can bring together cloud, open source, and real-time process management with industrial product cycles will be the ones that will win in the digital transformation process.” William Ruh, CEO for GE Digital At Mobile World Congress 2016, GE outlined some fundamental insights about the digital transformation efforts of industrial […]

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Observations From Mobile World Congress From A B2B Perspective

Dan Bieler March 16, 2016

Photo: Bergman This year’s big technology themes at Mobile World Congress (MWC) can be summarized as big data, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR). These themes will be important for B2B players and especially for revolutionizing customer experiences, optimizing industrial and operational processes, and boosting service enhancements. My recently published report, “Brief: […]

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Digital Business Ecosystems Rewrite The Rules Of Business

Dan Bieler March 7, 2016

Customers use digital experiences to help satisfy their needs every day. Digital tools expand our experiences and change our lives at home and at work. Digital is now intertwined into the fabric of our lives at work and at home. We expect digital tools to add value to us no matter what we’re doing. Some […]

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Expectations For Mobile World Congress 2016

Dan Bieler January 30, 2016

The last year has flown by: In just a few weeks the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is on again. So what can we expect from the leading global get-together of mobile-heads this year? In my view there will be: Less hype concerning mobile device launches. The leading smartphone and tablet providers will announce or showcase […]

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IBM Opens Its Global Watson IoT Headquarters In Munich

Dan Bieler December 19, 2015

IBM opened its global Watson Internet of Things (IoT) headquarters in Munich this week. It is hardly unusual for this quintessential global business to open research centers on a global scale. But the decision to move the HQ for one of the most dynamic areas of the digital transformation arena to Munich is noteworthy for […]

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Mobile Becomes A Key Success Imperative For CIOs

Dan Bieler November 17, 2015

Forrester survey data highlights the urgency for the CIO to complete the mobile mind shift. In the age of the customer, great mobile solutions are the basis for catering to clients, empowering employees, and optimizing supplier and partner relationships. Yet, the mobile mind shift has its roots in the consumer environment. Most of us have […]

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Telstra Shows Promise For European CIOs As A Network Solutions Provider In Asia

Dan Bieler November 16, 2015

At a recent event in Sydney, Telstra, Australia’s incumbent network solutions provider, provided new insights into its strategic activities under its new CEO Andrew Penn. Overall, Telstra’s strategy remains in line with that communicated last year; we suggested then that for European CIOs and technology managers, Telstra represents an attractive network solutions provider for their […]

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The Role Of Telcos In Digital Ecosystems: Gaps Between Ambition And Reality

Dan Bieler November 12, 2015

Poor network infrastructure undermines all digital transformation initiatives. The major technology building blocks affecting digital business are mobility, cloud, big data insights, and social collaboration. Thus, the key contribution to digital ecosystems by telcos is undoubtedly the provisioning of quality connectivity. However, many telcos we speak to have much larger ambitions. Can telcos increase their […]

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The Emergence Of The German Digital Autobahn Ecosystem

Dan Bieler November 11, 2015

A few days ago, at an event hosted by Continental, Deutsche Telekom AG, Fraunhofer ESK, and Nokia Networks, I came across an interesting example of an emerging mobile Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution: the initiative to “connect the Autobahn” in Germany. The goal of the Digitales Testfeld Autobahn initiative is to develop a platform that allows a wide […]

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Atos’ Acquisition Of Unify Offers The Potential For A New Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Dan Bieler November 5, 2015

French IT service provider Atos has reached an agreement to acquire Unify, a provider of integrated communication solutions, from The Gores Group and Siemens for an enterprise value of €590 million, of which €340 million is cash. Unify’s 5,600 employees generated an estimated €1.2 billion in revenue in 2014. Atos, 12% of which is owned […]

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AT&T Delivers Its Network On Demand

Dan Bieler October 28, 2015

I believe that network-as-a-service-type offerings — where customers can control the provisioning and characteristics of their network transport services — will have a long-term impact on those enterprises undertaking digital transformation. Businesses that fail to recognize the significance of quality network infrastructure will undermine their digital business strategy. Secure, stable network connectivity is a prerequisite […]

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