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Don’t Discount The Value Of Planning Tools To Your Online Testing Program

Joe Stanhope August 29, 2011

In the past 18 months I've spent a lot of time working with Forrester clients on many facets of online testing (that’s a/b and multivariate testing for those of you scoring at home) spanning vendor selection, organizing and developing skills for testing, and building processes to support testing. One of the general trends in online […]

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Summer 2011 Skips The Dog Day Doldrums

Joe Stanhope August 16, 2011

In my part of the country — as in many others — it was a very hot and stormy summer. And beyond the weather, I haven't seen the traditional late July and August slow period. Much of my summer has been spent working on the upcoming Web Analytics Wave report. While I've been focused on research, the analytics community […]

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Join The Tweet Jam On Mobile Application Measurement

Joe Stanhope July 8, 2011

I’m pleased to announce that Customer Intelligence is returning to the Forrester #IMChat tweet jam next week with a session on mobile application measurement – at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, July 12th. Just in case you’re new to our tweet jam sessions, these are weekly interactive discussions held via Twitter on a variety of marketing […]

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Hubspot Gives Analytics Its Due With Performable Acquisition

Joe Stanhope June 17, 2011

Change is the only constant. This truism is one of the reasons why web intelligence is so much fun to cover at Forrester Research. Web analytics, site optimization, mobile measurement, and the online marketing suite are constantly evolving, which is not only fascinating but will – one would hope – lead to increasingly productive and […]

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Identifying Your Online Marketing Suite Requirements

Joe Stanhope June 15, 2011

The online marketing suite has been a major focus of my writing and speaking engagements in 2011. I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to dive into this exciting and important topic from a variety of angles. Since my first blog post on this topic in February, we have published The Road To The Online […]

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A Love Gone Bad: What Can DVRs Teach Us About Customer Intelligence?

Joe Stanhope June 2, 2011

Do you remember your first digital video recorder? Most of us probably started with Tivo, or perhaps a box provided by our cable company. The DVR forever altered how we watch television and introduced the concept of "time shifting" to the media world, much to the consternation of TV networks and advertisers.   The DVR arrived […]

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Got Mobile Measurement?

Joe Stanhope April 21, 2011

Last week we published a new report titled Mobile Measurement Is A Customer Intelligence Imperative. I’ve been getting more questions recently from Forrester clients about measuring mobile browsing and applications, so it was definitely time to look seriously into the topic. As an added bonus, this report also gave me the opportunity to work with […]

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No Matter How Long The Winter, Spring Is Sure To Follow

Joe Stanhope March 30, 2011

This is an apt proverb for my current mood. Chicago's winter has been interminably long, but I'm optimistic that spring is just around the corner. After nearly four straight months of cold and record breaking amounts snow, certainly the weather must warm up and the sun must shine eventually, right? Nevertheless, as winter winds down, […]

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The Online Marketing Suite Redux

Joe Stanhope February 10, 2011

I am pleased to announce that my newest report, Revisiting the Online Marketing Suite, was published this week. My colleague and Customer Intelligence Practice Leader at Forrester, Suresh Vittal, was the first to define the online marketing suite in 2007. At the time, the online marketing was highly aspirational; Suresh's work was a call to action […]

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Recent Fundraising Activity Validates The Potential Of Online Testing

Joe Stanhope December 15, 2010

In the past month we’ve seen not one but two online testing vendors secure new rounds of financing: Optimizely raised $1.2m in November from a group of angel investors; more info here. Monetate raised $5.1 million this month from First Round Capital, Floodgate Fund, and other institutional investors; more info here. Obviously this is very […]

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The State Of Online Testing 2010

Joe Stanhope November 18, 2010

After keeping busy all summer and early fall with client meetings, events, and absorbing repeated acquisition announcements, it's great to be home again and conducting research! Most notably, my latest round of research on the topic of online testing, titled "The State of Online Testing 2010," published this week.  This document is the output of a […]

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comScore And Nedstat: An Exciting End To A Hot Summer

Joe Stanhope September 3, 2010

Here we are again.  As we approach Labor Day, less than three weeks after IBM announced its agreement to acquire Unica (see my blog post with Suresh Vittal here), comScore announced yesterday that it has acquired the venerable European Web analytics vendor Nedstat. Total cash and stock consideration for the purchase is valued at approximately […]

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Suresh Vittal And Joe Stanhope Consider The News Of IBM Acquiring Unica

Joe Stanhope August 13, 2010

I’m pleased to join forces this afternoon with my colleague and Customer Intelligence Practice Leader Suresh Vittal for a joint blog post on the very interesting IBM announcement this morning that it will buy Unica for US$480 million (greater than 100% premium on its previous day close). Suresh has covered Unica for many years in the […]

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The Forrester Wave: Online Testing, Q3 2010

Joe Stanhope August 13, 2010

Online testing has consistently been top of mind with Forrester clients since my earliest days with the company at the beginning of the year.  Clients are a major driver in composing my research agenda, and online testing shot to the top of the list. Clearly, the market had many unanswered questions about online testing and […]

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Effective Marketing Dashboards And My Upcoming Schedule

Joe Stanhope August 4, 2010

I'm pleased to have published new research this week. "Demonstrate Marketing Accountability with Effective Dashboards" is a companion report to "The Marketing Accountability Index." Customer Intelligence (CI) professionals are under intensifying pressure to demonstrate accountability and results to support the case for continued marketing investments, and Forrester's marketing accountability framework provides a structural guideline for meeting these challenges. […]

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Thoughts on IBM and Coremetrics

Joe Stanhope June 16, 2010

It's a funny thing, I was sitting in my office on Monday trying to decide what to blog about next, and as if on cue we had very exciting news yesterday in the Web Analytics business.  IBM announced its agreement to acquire Coremetrics.  So ended the deliberations on blog topics. You can read the official […]

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Online Testing Platforms Forrester Wave™ - Now It's Your Turn To Participate!

Joe Stanhope May 18, 2010

Greetings from balmy Orlando, Florida, where I'm at the Unica Marketing Innovation Summit 2010. It's been a good week, the attendees are very globally diverse, and in a unique twist on event entertainment there has been a live band on the main stage, a la The Tonight Show!  If you aren't here in person but […]

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Twitter And My Spring 2010 Schedule

Joe Stanhope April 28, 2010

I was traveling for the past couple weeks in the United Kingdom to meet with clients.  Following a set of very successful meetings I ran into a bit of trouble.  Just as I was planning to return home a volcano in Iceland erupted and brought air travel in Europe to a standing halt.  I had […]

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Web Analytics Will Emerge As A Cornerstone Of Customer Intelligence

Joe Stanhope April 9, 2010

Last week I hit a major personal milestone.  My first report as a Forrester analyst went live! As thrilling as this is for me, I hope it will be even more exciting for Customer Intelligence professionals. The report is titled How Web Analytics will Emerge As A Cornerstone of Customer Intelligence, and is based on […]

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Google announces plans to offer Google Analytics Opt-Out

Joe Stanhope March 19, 2010

I was on client calls most of the day, and when I came up for air in the afternoon to check my RSS reader and Tweetdeck to see what what going on in the world I made a fascinating discovery.  Like many of you I came across the following post from the Google Analytics Blog: […]

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