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Master Mobile Moments To Win In The IoT World

Thomas Husson April 21, 2016

Marketers are always falling in love with mobile’s latest “shiny new object” and new technology acronyms — 5G, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), NFC (near-field communication), RWD (responsive web design), etc. — and they’re constantly looking for the next platform, whether it’s virtual reality (VR), bots, artificial intelligence (AI), or the internet of things (IoT). However, […]

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Beyond ROI: Showcasing The True Impact Of Mobile Marketing

Thomas Husson March 24, 2016

My colleague Jenny Wise and I just updated the business case report of Forrester’s mobile marketing playbook with new data, examples and primary research. B2C Marketers know mobile is a strategic imperative but the vast majority don’t strategically integrate it in their marketing-mix with only 13% saying they do so systematically. Only 27% of marketers […]

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The State Of Mobile Marketer Tactics: 2016

Thomas Husson March 22, 2016

I quite like this provocative sausage dog picture because it forces marketers to think differently about responsive web design (RWD). More often than not, marketers scale content down to fit a smaller screen; because they then claim that they use RWD and have some mobile apps, they think they have checked the mobile box. In […]

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Back From Yet Another Pilgrimage To Mobile's Mecca

Thomas Husson March 7, 2016

After experiencing some of the most exhausting days in the life of a “mobile” analyst, I am back from Barcelona. Here are my key takeaways from the 2016 event. MWC 2016's "Mobile Is Everything" theme summarizes two ideas: the disruptive power of ubiquitous mobile devices and their ability to connect things and objects in our […]

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What To Expect From Mobile World Congress 2016?

Thomas Husson February 7, 2016

From February 22 to 25, Barcelona will be the center of the business world. Do not expect a specific industry focus but expect announcements impacting any industry: from payments to automotive. Why? Because “mobile is everything”.     For me, the 2016 edition’s tagline means that mobile is still driving the most powerful change in […]

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2016 Mobile And App Marketing Trends

Thomas Husson January 25, 2016

In November, Forrester released its mobile predictions for 2016, highlighting how mobile will act as a catalyst for business transformation and explaining why the battle for mobile moments will redefine the vendor landscape. Let’s now take a closer look at how mobile will impact marketing in 2016. A year ago, Forrester argued that most brands […]

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Beyond The Beacon Proximity-Marketing Hype, Fuel Contextual Marketing With Location Data

Thomas Husson November 25, 2015

When it comes to location-based marketing and proximity-marketing, more often than not, marketers seem fascinated by the beacon technology. With 82% of shoppers making their actual purchasing decision in-aisle, it’s no wonder that vendors are betting on beacons and indoor positioning systems to help marketers interact with consumers in real time. A year ago, Forrester […]

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How mobile will transform business in 2016

Thomas Husson November 10, 2015

With my peers Julie A. Ask, Jeffrey S. Hammond, Michael Facemire, Tyler Shields, Christian Kane, Jennifer Wise, and many other analysts, we put together our thoughts in a new 2016 Mobile predictions report on what to expect in the mobile space next year across industries and roles. We believe 2016 will be the most consequential […]

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2016 Mobile Predictions: Alternative Ecosystems Beyond Android and iOS Will Emerge

Thomas Husson November 9, 2015

Customer-obsessed businesses will take personalization to the next level in 2016. By the end of 2016, Forrester forecasts that 4.8 billion individuals globally will use a mobile phone, and as that number continues to grow, customer-obsessed business leaders have vast opportunities to deliver great customer experiences via mobile.   Mobile moments — a time when […]

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Consumers Will Manage All Brand Interactions Via Their Smartphones

Thomas Husson September 16, 2015

I spent the last couple of months interviewing marketers and vendors to understand how brands integrate push notifications and in-app messages in their marketing strategy. Even though my research was primarily focused on mobile apps, I was convinced that there was much more at play. In fact, brands that can harness the power of contextual […]

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Expect Faster Adoption Of Apple Pay In The UK

Thomas Husson July 9, 2015

At the beginning of the year, Forrester made the call that the future of mobile wallets lies beyond payments. By adding marketing value beyond payments — such as integration of loyalty rewards, coupons and many other services, wallets will become marketing platforms complementing merchants' own integrated apps. Consumers want a better shopping experience, not better […]

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Run On Smartphones Before You Walk On Smartwatches

Thomas Husson June 22, 2015

Apple will sell more than ten million Apple Watches and dominate the smartwatch category in 2015. Despite the hype, this will only represent 1% of the 2 billion smartphones’ installed base. Should B2C marketers even care? Yes, because the Apple Watch is a good way to learn how to deliver extremely contextual experiences to a […]

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Join Our 2015 Global Mobile Executive Survey

Thomas Husson June 22, 2015

For the past few years, Forrester has fielded a Global Mobile Executive Survey to understand and benchmark mobile initiatives. This year, my colleagues Julie Ask, Jennifer Wise and I are updating the survey again to help business executives and marketers benchmark and mature their mobile strategy and services. Planning and organizing for the use of mobile […]

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Build Trust Or Die

Thomas Husson June 11, 2015

Trust is the most critical component to develop and maintain a healthy brand. Customers are more likely to trust experts, friends and relatives than marketing campaigns. That’s why it matters to deliver the experience you promise and to build a trusted community around your brand. As marketers will need to use more personal data to […]

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Mobile-First Will Not Be Enough

Thomas Husson April 16, 2015

The global mobile revolution is still in its early stages! Forrester forecasts that there will be nearly 3.5 billion individual smartphone users among more than 5 billion individual mobile subscribers by 2019. Mobile will clearly be the new battleground where you must win, serve, and retain your customers globally. Mobile is no longer simply a […]

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Key Takeaways From Mobile World Congress 2015

Thomas Husson March 11, 2015

This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona brought together 90,000 attendees, including 4,500 CEOs and a growing number of CMOs and marketing leaders. Let’s face it: MWC, unlike SXSW, Cannes Lions, ad:tech, or dmexco, is not a leading marketing and advertising event. However, because mobile is a catalyst for business transformation, MWC is progressively […]

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What Can We Expect At Mobile World Congress 2015?

Thomas Husson February 16, 2015

I remember the first time I attended 3GSM in Cannes: It was primarily a B2B telecoms trade show and centered on DVB-H, WiMAX, and other technology-centric acronyms. Fast-forward 11 years, and Mobile World Congress (MWC) will be the center of the business world for a couple of days (March 2 to 5). Some things don’t […]

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The Future Of Mobile Wallets Lies Beyond Payments

Thomas Husson February 9, 2015

Apple Pay makes up more than $2 out of $3 spent on purchases using contactless payment across the three major US card networks. I agree with my colleague Sucharita Mulpuru that this is likely a big chunk of a small pie, considering the lower maturity of the mobile contactless ecosystem in the US. It’s always […]

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Five Myths About Mobile Apps

Thomas Husson January 30, 2015

Time spent on mobile is skyrocketing. Since about 80% of that time is spent on apps, many marketing leaders have quickly jumped to the conclusion that the only way to reach and engage their customers is through their own branded apps. Wrong! Here are five — often ignored — good reasons for marketing leaders to […]

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Another Year In Review: Revisiting 2014's Mobile Trends

Thomas Husson January 5, 2015

Every year for the past few years, I've revisited our predictions for the previous year's mobile trends. It's now time to look back at what happened in 2014. Let’s have a look at some of the trends we put together a year ago with my colleague Julie Ask: Mobile sat at the epicenter of mind-blowing exit events. […]

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