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Predictions 2018: New Technologies Propel Software Development

Jeffrey Hammond November 8, 2017

These days every company is in the software business. Fast, iterative delivery of high-quality software means better customer engagement and higher satisfaction, so an effective development organization is more important than ever. But in 2018 software development leaders will face new opportunities and challenges as software technologies and platforms pivot into new areas where traditional […]

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Automation For The Better Good - Security

Chris Gardner June 8, 2017

Automation gets a bad rep these days, what with public fear that robots will take over jobs (an invalid assumption – we will be working side by side with them). However, if you asked the most diehard Luddites if they were ready willing to give up the following: Depositing a check using a mobile app […]

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Sysadmins: You're All Developers Now

Chris Gardner March 17, 2017

In a past life I was a system administrator, or "sysadmin". I enjoyed it, but even in those halcyon days of remoting into servers and driving to the office at 2 AM (hoping the server room wasn't on fire), I knew I had a limited shelf life. It wasn't until years later that I fully understood why: […]

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Windows Server 2003 – A Very Unglamorous But Really Important Problem, Waiting To Bite

Richard Fichera September 22, 2014

Very much in the shadows of all the press coverage and hysteria attendant on emerging cloud architectures and customer-facing systems of engagement are the nitty-gritty operational details that lurk like monsters in the swamp of legacy infrastructure, and some of them have teeth. And sometimes these teeth can really take a bite out of the […]

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Grudging Acceptance Is Not Enough — Time for IT to Embrace SaaS

Michael Barnes April 29, 2013

  I’ve noticed a growing trend among Asia Pacific organizations over the past 6-12 months: complete IT resistance to SaaS has steadily given way to more pragmatic discussions, even if IT has come to the table grudgingly. Over the next two years I expect this trend to accelerate. In fact, I believe that many SaaS […]

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What makes a great application owner?

Alan Mac Neela March 1, 2013

Application owner or application product manager roles are increasingly common in many organizations and these roles play a critical part in application rationalization efforts. Organizations fill these roles with staff from a diverse range of backgrounds including enterprise architecture, business analysis, application development and business operations.  In some cases, it is not a discrete role, rather […]

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Cloud's Impact On IT Operations: Don't Overlook Your Legacy

Forrester March 1, 2012

Cloud computing has provided opportunities for organizations of all kinds to reduce the risks associated with IT acquisition (software and hardware), expand in sync with business needs, and contain costs. Some have even evolved their internal IT department from a reactive cost center to a more proactive service delivery center. Over the past two or […]

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Meeting The Challenges Of The Empowered Consumer

George Lawrie November 18, 2011

Retail is experiencing substantial change because consumers are now empowered by the web with information about price, availability, and merchandise features. The retail industry is still served by solutions that are too fragmented to adequately balance the asymmetry introduced by radical price transparency. There are solutions for transactions, web site, stores, and so on but […]

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Application Portfolio Management - Are You Doing It? Using Tools? Doing Without Tools?

Forrester January 12, 2011

The term application portfolio management (APM) has been around for a while now, and I'd like to solicit some opinions and discussion about it.   What is your level of interest in application portfolio management? Are you considering it or not and why? Are you actually doing it? How is it going?  Have you ever […]

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ScaleMP – Interesting Twist On Systems Scalability And Virtualization

Richard Fichera December 17, 2010

I just spent some time talking to ScaleMP, an interesting niche player that provides a server virtualization solution. What is interesting about ScaleMP is that rather than splitting a single physical server into multiple VMs, they are the only successful offering (to the best of my knowledge) that allows I&O groups to scale up a […]

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What Is The Definition Of An "Application"?

Forrester December 16, 2010

What is the definition of an "application"? We are "applications development and delivery professionals" – surely we have this question nailed, don't we? The question keeps coming up in different contexts, and since there are many potential opinions, a blog is the perfect place to spur debate. Here are some (simplistic) questions to generate debate: Is a […]

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IBM's zEnterprise Is A Game Changer For Application-Platform Choice

James Staten July 22, 2010

A quick note on a big announcement today by IBM that is being rolled out as I write this. No, I don't have a crystal ball – my colleague Brad Day and I spent a day in Poughkeepsie in late June for the full scoop – provided under NDA. The announcement is massive, so I'll just lay […]

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DevOps Conflict - Do You Feel It?

Forrester June 29, 2010

Applications development people can't stand the Luddites in the operations group, and ops people hate those prima donas in apps dev – at least that's what we are led to believe. To explore the issue, two of my colleagues who write to the infrastructure and operations (I&O) role – Glenn O'Donnell and Evelyn (Hubbert) Oehrlich – invited […]

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Application Assessments -- How Do You Decide What Matters?

Forrester April 28, 2010

So you need to formulate an application modernization decision — what to do with a given application — how do you begin that decision making process? In the past, modernization decisions were often simply declared — "We are moving to this technology" — for a number of reasons, such as, it: Keeps us current on technology. Provides […]

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The Definition of Complexity Is A Complex Matter

Jost Hoppermann April 15, 2010

Recently, I discussed complexity with a banker working on measuring and managing complexity in a North American bank. His approach is very interesting: He found a way to operationalize complexity measurement and thus to provide concrete data to manage it. While I’m not in a position to disclose any more details, we also talked about […]

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One Size Surely Does Not Fit All...

Forrester March 19, 2010

I'm continually reminded of the tremendous diversity of enterprise technology needs. As analysts, we tend to focus on the "latest and greatest" developments, but the reality is that many enterprises are not ready to digest the latest technology solutions. In fact, I would submit that premature attempts to implement leading edge technology can cause serious problems and should […]

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How Will Cloud Impact Your Existing Application Portfolio?

Forrester March 2, 2010

In a conversation with a vendor in the application portfolio management space the other day, we got on the subject of what "Cloud" means to them and by extension to their current and future customer base. My colleagues have written extensively on what it may mean to Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP and others, and our conversation […]

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Enterprise packaged apps integration

George Lawrie February 26, 2010

Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote, man is born free and is everywhere in chains. So too Enterprise app deployments are conceived as self contained yet everywhere are integrated with legacy and complementary apps. My colleague Ken Vollmer and I are looking at packaged apps integration best practices and how these might change as some apps move to […]

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Apps Modernization - What are Your Top Priorities in 2010/11?

Forrester January 15, 2010

OK, so the holidays are over, you’ve either closed, or are in the process of closing out 2009 year-end processing. The 2010 decade has begun, and it promises momentous change before we see the end of it: Leading edge technologies will become commonplace; Still newer technologies will emerge; New business threats and opportunities will arise; And the impact of […]

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Is COBOL The Root Of All (Technical) Evil?

Forrester October 28, 2009

OK, so I used a tongue-in-cheek title to attract your attention, forgive me. A recent blog about the Boomer retirement phenomenon provoked some comments by a colleague with strong opinions about COBOL's useful life. I felt that his comments raised a topic that is substantial enough to warrant its own place in the blogosphere. The comments read, […]

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