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The mandate for channel marketing leaders has grown more complex in today’s buyer-first climate. Alignment with and among suppliers and partners is key to providing the high-touch experience customers expect. Explore our insights to help build a sound channel marketing strategy that enhances partner and customer experience and demonstrates business value.

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Channel Software Tech Stack 2021

Jay McBain 3 days ago
^CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SCREEN^ The channel software stack comprises a group of technologies that help companies develop, design, and execute plans to find, recruit, onboard, develop, enable, incent, co-sell with, manage, measure, and report on partners. Delivering automation of indirect sales processes, workflows, and partner programs, channel software is becoming increasingly critical to a […]
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How Did I Score On My Channel Outlook For 2020?

Jay McBain January 8, 2021
In what was one of the most challenging years for many of us, the channel experienced more change in 2020 than in the past 39 years combined. Revisit our 2020 channel predictions, and see which of our calls proved true, which accelerated, and what it means for 2021. That being said, many of the calls that I did make not only became true but accelerated due to COVID-19. That being said, many of the calls that I did make not only became true but accelerated due to COVID-19.
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The SiriusDecisions Channel Operating Model

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Looking Ahead: What Channel Marketing Leaders Must Prepare For In 2021

Kathy Contreras November 23, 2020
Understanding partner and buyer needs is paramount during 2021 planning. The current market disruption will have an ongoing impact on the channel, and channel marketers must cultivate acceptance and empathy toward partners and their buyers during these challenging times.
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Channel And Ecosystem Leaders Are Demanding More From Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Solutions

Jay McBain November 9, 2020
As brands increasingly use different types of partners to reach, influence, transact, and retain customers, partner relationship management (PRM) solutions are being asked to serve both traditional and nontraditional channels at a new level of scale and personalization. Managing these growing ecosystems in a consistent, predictable, and productive way is critical to the success of […]
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The Decade Of The Channel Ecosystem Accelerates With Massive Software Consolidation

Jay McBain October 14, 2020
A couple of years ago, I made the prediction that we were entering the third stage of sales and marketing — the decade of the channel ecosystem. With over 75% of world trade flowing indirectly, I started to sense an influx of investment in and attention on indirect sales by firms in all industries. Looking […]
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Listen Up: Podcasts Can Elevate Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy

Collin Colburn September 16, 2020
I’ll admit it: I’m a podcast newb. I just got into them at the end of last year because of Wondery’s Business Wars, which sucked me in on my daily commute. While I’ve been late to the game, my colleague Sarah Dawson — a podcast lover and aficionado — listens regularly and knew much more […]
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B2C Firms Must Prepare As Consumer Buying Enters A New Era

Sucharita Kodali September 11, 2020

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The SEO Platform Landscape Is A Cheese Board Of Point Solutions

Collin Colburn September 9, 2020
With advertising budgets cut, SEO strategy is more important now than ever before. Learn three key takeaways from the new Forrester Wave report on SEO platforms.
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Are You Prepared for the Future of B2B Buying in the Channel?

Kathy Contreras August 11, 2020
  • In the future of B2B buying, there is a new set of buyer expectations that organizations must contend with
  • Direct and indirect buying processes will transform from seller led to buyer led
  • B2B channel marketing leaders must anticipate and plan for buyers’ evolving expectations
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Revenue Enablement: Know Your Customer, Know Your Strategy

Drew Zalucky May 7, 2020
  • B2B revenue enablement demands an understanding of the specific combination of personas, competencies, assets, and communications inherent to every buyer and customer journey
  • As Forrester SiriusDecisions defines it, revenue enablement is a discipline that seeks to bring the skills, knowledge, assets, and process expertise to all customer-facing roles
  • Our research shows that organizations with advanced capabilities around revenue enablement are more likely to outperform others still employing more siloed approaches toward optimizing their customers’ experience
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How to Optimize Channel Demand to Achieve Greater Results

Kathy Contreras April 29, 2020
  • Top CMO priorities include enhancing partner/channel marketing capabilities
  • CMOs’ number one challenge is developing programs that drive (channel) demand
  • B2B suppliers continue to struggle with partner adoption and execution of channel demand programs
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Five Ways Channel Partner Success Mirrors Hiking the Grand Canyon

Dara Schulenberg November 7, 2019
  • Channel partner success is a product of preparation, planning and execution
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustment of the plan is a strategic imperative
  • Nothing is more satisfying than accomplishing a mutual goal together
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Three Scary Channel Marketing Pain Points — And How You Can Escape!

Dara Schulenberg October 23, 2019
  • Channel marketing has increased organizational visibility and accountability for corporate growth objectives
  • Transformative change brings complexity, challenges and opportunities for channel marketing practitioners
  • Three universal themes remain top-of-mind for channel professional in annual planning
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Buyers Come in Many Flavors: What Our Buying Study Shows About Buying Behaviors

Ellen Lind October 11, 2019
  • One of the most popular topics across the SiriusDecisions client base is insights and guidance on understanding buyers’ needs
  • SiriusDecisions’ biennial B2B Buying Study gathers data on buyer preferences across different global regions, industries and buyer personas
  • In their Summit Europe 2019 session, Angela Leech and Paul Ferron shared EMEA-focused insights from this year’s study that organizations can leverage to inform sales, marketing and channel decisions at the regional level
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Revenue Enablement: B2B’s New LBD

Ellen Lind October 10, 2019
  • Though sales enablement is making progress via competency-driven support for sales reps, other customer-facing personas receive less formal enablement
  • B2B organizations vary widely in their approaches to enabling customer-facing associates, which can significantly affect the consistency of outcomes, scalability and measurement of impact
  • In his Summit Europe 2019 session, Peter Ostrow shared how organizations can optimize their revenue engine by using the SiriusDecisions Revenue Enablement Framework
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Enablement Is the New Black

Peter Ostrow October 2, 2019
  • Organizations frequently think of marketing, sales, service and renewal cycles as independent sets of customer interactions
  • Customers are more likely to purchase and renew when their experience is consistent across all interactions with an organization
  • Sales enablement is making strong headway via competency-driven support, but other customer-facing personas should receive similar enablement
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Common Pitfalls of Joint Business Planning With Channel Partners and How to Avoid Them (Part Two)

Stephanie Sissler September 19, 2019
  • The first step on the path to joint business planning success is recognizing that it is not a highly recommended or obligatory annual task, but an ongoing partnership imperative to driving revenue
  • Joint business planning with channel partners is one of the most effective means of driving alignment and more profitable revenue growth
  • Joint business planning is a learned skill that must be supported by a proven, standardized process, the right data and insights, easy-to-use tools, and ongoing training and coaching
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Why Learning Matters to Your Success

Heather Loisel December 21, 2018
  • B2B marketing, product and sales teams need to have the right skills and knowledge to support business goals
  • Team members who feel their employer is invested in their success are more likely to stay
  • Because SiriusDecisions learning is based on our research, it’s already aligned to business initiatives
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Three Ways Data Can Make or Break Your 2019 Channel Strategy

Jessica Lillian November 29, 2018
  • Channel leaders often don’t even realize they have insufficient data – or they’re focusing on the wrong data – until performance starts suffering
  • As suppliers restructure partner programs to accommodate new go-to-market models and partner types, data gathering becomes even more important
  • Focus on getting the right data for partner programs, demand generation plans and customer advocacy initiatives
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SiriusDecisions 2018 Summit Is the Place to Be for Channel Leaders

Sallie Morris April 2, 2018
  • SiriusDecisions Summit 2018 is a great source of channel-specific content that addresses the needs of today’s channel sales and channel marketing leaders
  • Summit provides an opportunity for channel leaders to network with peers
  • Marketplace, a key part of Summit, is a one-stop shop where you can learn about cutting-edge channel technology
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