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Webinar On Culture And The Power Of Metrics

Nigel Fenwick March 29, 2018

Followers of my blog may remember this post from February: “It’s Time To Fix Your Broken Business Culture.” Here’s a snippet: “Employees make everyday judgements based on what the organization signals to them is important. And while many CEOs assert that the customer is the most important person, the metrics they use to measure employee […]

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Drive Digital Culture Into Your Organization’s DNA

Jacob Morgan March 5, 2018

Transformation is hard. If you have the wrong culture, the wrong mindset, it is almost impossible. Cultural alignment is a huge enabler of change — when done well, it greases the skids; when poorly executed, it can stop transformation dead in its tracks. Digitally innovative firms are characterized by embracing technology as a driver of […]

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Prioritize Culture Change To Accelerate Digital Transformation

Alyson Clarke March 5, 2018

Digital transformation will demand changes to your strategy, technology, processes, and organizational structure — and culture is the glue that brings it all together. Without addressing the human element, your digital transformation will either struggle to get off the ground, slow down or stall, or even crumble when you try to achieve scale. Changing the […]

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Accelerate Your Culture Practices For Digital Transformation

Michelle Beeson March 5, 2018

Successful digital transformations are underpinned by a strong digital culture, which is a huge enabler of change. But, for most organisations, cultural change is still the largest barrier faced for successful transformation and the most difficult to overcome. Forrester’s digital maturity model identifies three levels of maturity, each with common practices and each building on […]

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It's Time To Fix Your Broken Business Culture

Nigel Fenwick February 12, 2018

Culture remains the No. 1 barrier to successful digital transformation. Every time we survey business executives about digital transformation, they tell us that their organizational culture is a problem. After years of looking at data and interviewing executives, I can now see that the word “culture” masks a multitude of sins inside the organization. Which […]

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