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VMware Welcomes Estranged Sibling Pivotal Back Home

Dave Bartoletti 3 hours ago
On August 22, 2019, VMware announced that it will acquire sister company Pivotal Software, vendor of a widely used cloud development platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry. The transaction is a reacquisition of software development assets that VMware spun out into a separate company in 2013 after struggling to integrate them into its primary data center management […]
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Be Better Than Best-Guess Development

Christopher Condo January 25, 2019
Developers sometimes feel as though they work in the dark, writing code, pushing updates, and delivering features but remaining detached from the customers they serve. Often relying on feedback from internal experts and best guesses, dev teams rarely have an unobstructed view into how customers truly use their features and feel about their products. Fostering […]
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Video: Why Everyone Needs To Know About Low-Code

John Rymer December 6, 2018
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Makers And Marketers

Jeffrey Hammond October 17, 2018
Fall means that software conference season is in full swing and that I’m on the road more than I’m off it. This week was an interesting one, as I found myself pinballing from one end of my coverage to the other. On Monday I spent some time at IBM’s Agile Engineering Summit in D.C. Attendees […]
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Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Development

Mike Gualtieri November 23, 2010
Before Java was invented, one of the key industry trends was to increase the productivity of both developers and end users. For example, fourth-generation programming languages (4GL) such as Powerbuilder, Progress, and Uniface provided professional developers with faster ways to develop business applications than using COBOL, Pascal, C, or C++. For end users, tools such as […]
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