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Understanding The Global Digital Marketing Landscape

Brandon Verblow August 30, 2016

Welcome to my blog! I joined Forrester earlier this year as an associate forecast analyst on the ForecastView team, focusing on digital marketing (DM) topics. The ForecastView team’s goal is to answer the questions “How much?” and “When?” To this end, we publish five-year forecasts that provide forward-looking, quantitative guidance around the key issues that […]

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How To Solve The Digital Dilemma

Nigel Fenwick August 26, 2016

There’s a fundamental difference between companies that apply digital technology as a bolt-on (frequently adding an eCommerce site, social media, or customer mobile apps) and those that take a more holistic approach to transforming the way the company uses technology to deliver better customer outcomes and drive revenue. Transformers are more likely to succeed because […]

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Digital Transformation Forum Europe 2016: Q&A with Blake Cahill, Head of Digital, Royal Philips

Laura Koetzle June 7, 2016

Forrester’s Digital Transformation Europe 2016 Forum in London starts today, and our first industry speaker will be Blake Cahill, Head of Digital, at Royal Philips. Over the past 20 years, Blake has led a series of marketing, creative, client management, product innovation, and thought leadership projects for both Fortune 500 organizations and digital start-ups. At […]

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Have What It Takes To Win In A Post-Digital World?

Carlton Doty May 4, 2016

We had a fantastic event last week in New York, as 750+ marketing leaders converged on Forrester’s Marketing 2016. The big theme this year was how to succeed as a marketer in a post-digital world. What’s “post-digital” you ask? Well, we’re living in that world today and it’s time to acknowledge it. Digital technology is […]

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Forrester’s Customer Experience Marketing Summit 2016 In Sydney Is Fast Approaching!

Michael Barnes February 19, 2016

  Six months after our highly successful Summit for Marketing Leaders in Australia, I’m excited to announce that Forrester’s CX Marketing Sydney 2016 event is less than 7 weeks away. As all organizations operating in Australia understand, the line between brand, marketing, and customer experience (CX) disciplines has blurred as people gain access to companies, services […]

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How Will The Growth Of Mobile Search Influence Marketers’ Spending?

Forrester January 7, 2016

Consumers increasingly turn to their mobile phones for searches, store visits, and purchases engaging with a seamless overlay of real and virtual mobile-optimized shopping experience. Mobile search is always on, — on the go, at home, in-store, and at work, and through a mobile web browser, in-app access, or voice commands. As the consumer purchase […]

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Insights From The Digital Gold Mine

Forrester July 6, 2015

Most CMOs today have to close gaps in data collection within and across marketing units, integrate the data to transform it into actionable insights, and foster a closer working relationship among these units to achieve the overarching business goals. Building a command center may be a distant priority. However,  I have argued that digital command centers […]

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Scotiabank Uses Mobile Messaging To Increase Digital Sales

Peter Wannemacher June 1, 2015

[Note: This blog post is based on a new Forrester research report; clients can read the full text here.]  Two years ago, digital executives at Scotiabank looked at the state of mobile banking and recognized the opportunity to roll out targeted mobile marketing to existing customers using the firm's mobile apps. At the time, too few banks […]

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Digital Executives At Banks: Steal Ideas From Retailers To Win More Customers

Peter Wannemacher April 20, 2015

Over the past decade, digital executives and teams at banks have made strides in digital selling by upgrading and improving their public websites — and more recently their mobile apps and sites. But conversion rates on many banks’ websites remain low — in some areas, well below 10% — even as consumers’ expectations for digital […]

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Introducing The Forrester Readiness Index For Digital Marketing

jitender_miglani March 23, 2015

The dictionary defines “readiness” as the state of being fully prepared for something. It is easy to compare how well prepared companies are for digital marketing by looking at their digital marketing staff strength as a percentage of their total marketing staff and at their digital marketing spend as a percentage of their total marketing […]

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Start Creating Digital Experiences To Unleash Digital's Brand Building Potential

Forrester February 2, 2015

We are hunkered down in Boston for another snowstorm. This one comes swift on the heels of last week's doozy of a blizzard. In the media-frenzied ramp-up, conversations inevitably turned to comparisons with the infamous snowstorm of 1978 that brought hardy Boston to its knees. But as newly minted Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker noted, today’s […]

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Digital Initiatives Expose Gaps In Customer Analytics Capabilities

Michael Barnes January 28, 2015

In my last blog post I outlined Forrester’s key customer insights (CI) predictions for 2015. Now I’d like to drill down into some of the key barriers to CI effectiveness we’re seeing among Asia Pacific-based organizations. This content was pulled from my recently published report, which Forrester clients can access here. Core competencies of effective […]

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Native Ads: A Thing of the Past (and Future)

Carmine Lengua Jr. December 2, 2014

The term "selfie" entered our lexicon only recently, thanks to the ease with which they can be taken and distributed via cell phones and mobile data connections. But the practice of taking a photo of oneself is decidedly not a new phenomenon. Last week, I did something I don't often find myself doing: I watched […]

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Marketers Will Use Customer Context To Supercharge Digital Engagement In 2015

Carlton Doty November 10, 2014

In 2014, Forrester outlined a new approach to marketing that requires brands to harness customer context to deliver self-perpetuating cycles of real-time, two-way, insight-driven interactions.  In 2015, we’ll see more marketers obsess over customers’ context. As more interaction data floods customer databases and marketing automation systems, customer-obsessed marketing leaders will strive to orchestrate brand experiences […]

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Q&A With Kristof Fahy, Chief Marketing Officer, William Hill PLC

Luca Paderni April 22, 2014

William Hill PLC, one of the world's leading betting and gaming companies and trusted UK high-street brand, has recently undergone a significant strategy review. The strategic changes came in response to the fact that more and more of its customers want to engage with the company via digital and increasingly also via mobile platforms — which at Forrester […]

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Digital Marketing Is Dead; Long Live Post-Digital Marketing: What It Means For CMOs

Forrester February 5, 2014

In days gone by, when a British monarch died, the town crier would roam the streets of London calling out, “The king is dead. Long live the King.” This seemingly contradictory statement announces the beginning of a new regal era. The old king is dead; long live the new king. In 2013, the old era […]

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Will Digital Customer Experience Software Platforms Rule in 2014?

Forrester December 31, 2013

Two  or three years ago, software buyers in the market for new and improved tools for managing website content and cross-channel digital customer experiences had a typical request: “Help me replace my legacy web content management system with a new web content management system.” It was out with the old, legacy, hard to use system, […]

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Data Visualization: Catering To Your Audience

Forrester November 11, 2013

When you’re creating content — whether it’s a film, a sales presentation, or an article on maximizing your Thanksgiving leftovers — it’s always important to consider who your audience is; this also holds true for data visualization. I’ve touched upon this in my previous blog posts, but let‘s take a closer look at the audience […]

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Set Your Digital Marketing Programs On Fire With Tag Management

James McCormick September 19, 2013

This year tag management is a sizzling hot topic. Why? Firms are really struggling to with their JavaScript tags and scripts on their websites and other digital channels.  As they get serious about their digital marketing programs the number and types of digital tags being managed is exploding. Costs are increasing, errors are creeping in, […]

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Avoid The Visual Clutter And Go For In-Stream Audio Advertising

Forrester July 31, 2013

In 2002, the zeitgeist orchestrator David Bowie  opined, “Music itself is going to become like running water or electricity.” A few years later, in 2005, the futurists Gerd Leonhard and Dave Kusek proposed “music as water” in their industry-shaking book, The Future of Music (A Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution). The metaphor was simple […]

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