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Revenge Of The SaaS: Mandiant Uses Services To Escape FireEye

Jeff Pollard June 3, 2021
Revenge Of The SaaS: Mandiant Dumps FEYE In a cybersecurity divorce that had fewer leading indicators than the dissolution of Kim and Kanye, Mandiant has finally untangled itself from FireEye (FEYE) by selling the product portion of the firm to Symphony Technology Group (STG) for $1.2 billion. FireEye’s history as the most “almost acquired vendor” […]
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Trusted Third-Party Phish Is The Catch Of The Day

Joseph Blankenship June 2, 2021
We warn users not to click on suspicious emails and not to open emails from untrusted senders to prevent users from being phished. Sender identity is one of the filtering mechanisms in email security solutions. But what happens when a trusted sender’s email account is compromised and an attacker uses that access to send emails […]
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