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Retailers: Use In-Store Sensor Tech To Understand And Enhance Customer Experiences

James McCormick January 24, 2019
Sensor-based technologies have been around for a while now — remember all the beacon hype? — and are now rapidly gaining traction. In-store sensor technology and, more importantly, its contribution to understanding our in-store customers and businesses, is at a point where it is now truly digitally transforming physical stores and the experiences delivered to customers. […]
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#NRF2018’s Focus On Customer-Associate Engagement

Ananda Chakravarty January 22, 2018
At the packed NRF Big Show #NRF2018 in New York last week, many retailers looked at vendors touting new tech, including AI, AR/VR, and more, all in the name of improving customer experiences. But most of those same retailers know that, before leaping into that arena, they first need to bring existing systems up to […]
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Amazon Blends Digital and Physical Experiences At Their New Book Store

Bruce Eppinger September 5, 2017
Recently I stopped in at the new Amazon Book store on 34th Street in Manhattan to see how Amazon is re-imagining the in-store experience. While Amazon has much to learn about retail from the brick and mortar giants, physical stores can learn a lot from how Amazon is successfully bringing the digital experience into the […]
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Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience

Ananda Chakravarty July 27, 2017
Digital retail theater is becoming reality for consumers as retailers rush to find ways of attracting and retaining store customers.  What is digital retail theater?  It’s the combination of original retail theater – entertainment, novelty, and engagement – with digital technologies and services to create the next level of in-store experience.  My colleague, Brendan Miller […]
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Beacon Marketing: Be Wary Of The Hype

Thomas Husson August 21, 2014
Beacons have a great deal of disruptive potential as they bridge the digital and physical worlds. I quite like this quote from Steve Cheney, SVP at Estimote: “Beacons as a platform are really a wedge into ‘appifying’ the physical world. They give context to a physical space. They are a way of actually extending the […]
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