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The $5 Billion Funding Frenzy: There’s Never Been A Better Time To Rethink Your HCM Investments

Mark Brandau 6 days ago
Estimates of venture capital funding for HR technology point to record levels of more than $5 billion in 2019. Some of the recent activity in talent acquisition includes: Entelo acquired ConveyIQ along with new funding and management changes; HireVue received another round of funding via new majority investor The Carlyle Group; Jobvite received a $200M […]
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Sixty Days & Over 100 Inquiries And Briefings — Four Things You Should Know

Mark Brandau July 30, 2019
If you missed my intro blog, A New Rhythm in HCM, here’s the summary: I’m new to Forrester after more than 25 years working for software vendors including, most recently, SAP, where I was a part of the SAP SuccessFactors product leadership team. I’m very excited to be leading the reignition of Forrester’s human capital […]
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A New Rhythm In HCM

Mark Brandau June 13, 2019
Maybe I’ve been in the software world for too long. Or maybe I’m a product of my earlier years. You might remember the old Russian proverb, “Doveryai, no proveryai,” which President Reagan made famous in the context of nuclear disarmament. Translated: “Trust, but verify.” Either way, I’m curious about a lot of things, question everything, […]
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Introducing Forrester’s Digital Competency Map

Alyson Clarke April 22, 2019
To help digital executives, we developed the Forrester Digital Competency Map which identifies the essential skills needed for digital transformation.
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Twenty Goals That Are Just Plain Better Than “Growing Revenue”

Allison Snow March 19, 2018
Dear Marketers, I know how important it is to you to grow revenue. I also know how that focus will help expand your remit — to align with your organization’s strategic priorities and rally around an explicit path to revenue. Any of these 20 examples (and countless more) are more substantial, manageable, and productive than an […]
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Let’s Address Cybersecurity’s Gender Disparity

Stephanie Balaouras February 27, 2018
The most infuriating advice I’ve received about succeeding in cybersecurity is to, “Have a thick skin,” usually followed by, “Don’t take him seriously, he doesn’t even realize what he’s saying.” These are not words of wisdom—they’re a defense of predatory behavior that belittles the issues women face every day and normalizes sexual harassment. For my […]
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Writing Code In Fly-over Country

Jeffrey Hammond August 3, 2017
As our clients know, I’ve been writing a lot about strategies for recruiting and retaining developers, and building shop cultures where they can thrive. In the U.S. we’re currently in a sellers market when it comes to development talent. According to the BLS, firms will need to find almost half a million developers between 2014 […]
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The Battle For Talent

What It Means August 3, 2017
Forrester Analysts Marc Cecere and Jeffrey Hammond talk through the battle for talent and how companies are making fundamental changes to ensure they can compete and win in the age of the customer.
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How To Retain Your Most Creative Employees

Nigel Fenwick June 24, 2013
There have already been plenty of articles written on the importance of creativity in the workforce. Assuming you buy into the importance of attracting creative types to your team, you will have an understanding of what to look for in hiring creative people. And then you will face the challenge of keeping these people on your team. I […]
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