Let's Address Cybersecurity's Gender Disparity

Claire O'Malley February 27, 2018

The most infuriating advice I’ve received about succeeding in cybersecurity is to, “Have a thick skin,” usually followed by, “Don’t take him seriously, he doesn’t even realize what he’s saying.” These are not words of wisdom—they’re a defense of predatory behavior that belittles the issues women face every day and normalizes sexual harassment. For my […]

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In the war for talent, traditional enterprises must pick fights they can win

Paul Miller May 4, 2017

(St. Rollox Chemical Works in Scotland by D.O. Hill, 1831. Image source: Wikipedia) The world of work is changing, with my colleague JP Gownder among those doing a great job tracking the shift. Despite — or perhaps because of — digitisation, robots, globalisation (and its opposite), and a less loyal workforce, competition for digital talent […]

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Finding the Best Developers: Separating the Me’s From the We’s

Dominique Whittaker August 10, 2015

Everywhere you go, you hear the news stories about the talent shortage of qualified software developers. This isn’t just a Silicon Valley problem or even a US problem—-it’s a global problem. We have an explosion in demand for talented software developers and higher education institutions unable to keep up with that demand. This is only […]

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How to make your company the most awesome place to work. #EVAR!!!

Martin Gill July 6, 2015

We are constantly told that millennials are breaking the workplace rules. They refuse to work 9 to 5. They demand iPhones. They can’t work unless there’s a fridge full of beer and a pool table in the office. And with a growing war for digital talent, many digital leaders are setting their sights firmly on […]

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Find, Support, And Keep Emerging Touchpoint Talent

Forrester February 12, 2014

Traditional marketing organisation structures are failing touchpoint innovation. With marketing teams largely organised by channels such as search, display, social, and customer care, there is little incentive to think laterally about problems and opportunities across the group.  Emerging touchpoints often redefine and cross channel boundaries, which can quite quickly cause problems for teams with restricted views, budgets, […]

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People Make All The Difference: Optimize Your Talent With The Right Processes And Technology

Claire Schooley June 27, 2013

As businesses work to differentiate their products or services, grow the bottom line, and expand globally, they need to think seriously about the important role that their employees play in helping the business achieve successful outcomes. Businesses must invest in processes and technology to recruit and onboard the best people, address performance gaps with key […]

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HR Wave On Talent Gets New Name

Claire Schooley April 13, 2013

Last month, I published an update to my 2011 Forrester Wave™ on talent management because the human resource management (HRM) market has experienced tremendous consolidation and many top-rated vendors have become part of other very large organizations. I defined “talent management” as encompassing performance, learning, succession planning, and career development. When I published my current […]

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Company Career Sites Engage Candidates Early In The Recruiting Process

Claire Schooley September 17, 2012

  Today’s top career sites do more than list jobs available. The best ones give a glimpse of what it’s like to work at the company, communicate the company values, and introduce the company brand. These sites use multimedia to communicate messages about the company culture, the people, professional growth opportunities, and more. Join me […]

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New Job? Look For ‘Career Accelerating’ Qualities

Forrester June 29, 2012

My colleague David Johnson wrote a good blog earlier in the week on ‘Your Best Chance for Long-Term Employability as an I&O Professional’in which he discussed the key areas that I&O Professionals should focus on for employability. This and the recent wash of articles, especially in the UK, in regards to the IT skills gap […]

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Oracle Throws In The Towel And Acquires A Cloud Talent Management Vendor

Claire Schooley February 9, 2012

The rumor circulating for the past few weeks has now been confirmed: Oracle is buying Taleo, a global talent management vendor, for $1.9 billion. This is just another — albeit important — acquisition in the strategic talent management space. All companies must have core HR systems in place, but now it’s equally important to look […]

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Oracle Moves Solidly Into SaaS With Taleo Acquisition

Paul D. Hamerman February 9, 2012

Oracle Corporation announced its purchase of Taleo for $1.9 billion on Feb. 9, 2012, signaling a major shift in its stance on software-as-a-service (SaaS) and talent management applications. The transaction is expected to close midyear 2012, subject to regulatory and stockholder approvals. Oracle has long held a “we can build it better” position on talent […]

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Putting HR Into I&O - Future Skill Requirements For I&O Leaders

Forrester November 30, 2011

As we move toward 2012, I can guarantee that many I&O leaders will have reviewed/defined what their strategy priorities are for the coming year, 3 years and maybe 5 years are. Hands up though: Who has had in-depth planning conversations around I&O people skill requirements? I am not just talking about what technology skills are required […]

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