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Why The Tech-Enhanced Sales Rep Will Be Your Differentiator

Anne Slough 5 days ago
Learn how dynamic guided selling gives sales teams a competitive edge — and join us at this year's B2B Summit to go deeper.
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How Many Products Can A B2B Sales Rep Sell?

Peter Ostrow March 8, 2021
Mergers and acquisitions and other major changes can place enormous pressure on frontline sales organizations. Learn when the strain becomes too much in this B2B Summit session preview.
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The Future Of B2B Sales: More Personalized And Process-Driven

What It Means February 11, 2021
COVID-19 accelerated changes that were already underway in B2B sales — and Vice President and Group Director Phil Harrell says there’s no turning back. On this week’s What It Means, he explains how sales organizations can position themselves for success in a permanently altered landscape.
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Leaders From Sales, Marketing, and Strategy Walk Into a Bar — Can They Agree on the Message?

Nancy Maluso September 15, 2020
  • Getting noticed by buyers in the B2B marketplace is difficult, and for emerging companies with little to no brand recognition, it’s even harder
  • Marketers must create a single, consistent message that the entire company articulates in the market as a bullhorn instead of a whisper
  • These leaders can contribute different perspectives about how to align on message and ensure that everyone in their organizations use it repeatedly 
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What’s Your Sales Operations Type?

Steve Silver March 26, 2020
  • Sales operations must evolve to meet changing internal and external demands
  • The right sales operations type depends on size, go-to-market model, offering complexity, and scale
  • Join us at Summit 2020 to learn more about the topic, network with your peers, and discover your sales operations function type
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