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Five Myths Of Digital Transformation

Nigel Fenwick July 27, 2018

Since I first wrote about digital transformation back at the end of 2012, the term has become wildly overhyped. Since CEOs are now at least asking about digital transformation, and every technology vendor now claims expertise in digital transformation, it’s time to burst a few of the myths surrounding digital transformation. But first, let’s recap […]

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Countdown To Forrester’s 10th Annual CXNYC Forum June 19–20

Harley Manning May 18, 2018

Back in 2009, Forrester launched its first customer experience forum. We picked New York as the location because for years we’d put on a financial services event there, and we knew that our attendees from the banking, brokerage, and insurance industries all had CX on their minds. We didn’t know how well the new event […]

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Call For Entries: The 2018 Enterprise Architecture Awards

Gene Leganza March 29, 2018

Most organizations today recognize the need to become customer-obsessed digital businesses. They need to map out customer touchpoints to fully understand their customers’ experiences and interactions with their firms’ processes and those of their partners. They also must transform their internal operating models and technology foundations, creating new systems of engagement and systems of insight […]

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Your Business Doesn’t Need A Digital Strategy!

Nigel Fenwick March 1, 2018

Digitize Your Business Strategy Before It’s Too Late In 2018, every CEO wants to have a “digital strategy” – which means at least we’ve made some progress over the past five years! To solve what they perceive to be the immediate challenge, CEOs adopt a range of tactics. Some, like Patrice Louvet at Ralph Lauren, […]

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The Four New Rules of Business

Nigel Fenwick November 30, 2017

Every business is different. But for all their differences, leading digital companies have some things in common that separate them from the rest. Over the five plus years I’ve been researching digital business, my colleagues and I have developed a number of frameworks to highlight these distinctions. In 2017, Ted Schadler and I worked to […]

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The Top Emerging Technologies For Digital Predators

Nigel Fenwick March 16, 2017

If you’ve been following my research, you know I like to divide the business world into three categories of company: Digital Predators successfully use emerging digital technologies to gain market share and/or displace traditional incumbent companies (e.g., Amazon, Lyft, Priceline, Airbnb, Netflix). Digital Transformers evolve a traditional business to take advantage of emerging technologies, creating […]

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Four Steps Toward Reducing IT Complexity And Improving Strategy

Nigel Fenwick February 22, 2013

Many CIOs are caught in the middle — stuck between competing demands from the CFO to reduce costs and from the CEO to increase innovation. In fact this is a topic which often comes up in our strategic planning workshops with clients. The challenge is to find a means to achieve both goals simultaneously. Here […]

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Mobile Governance Initiative In India: A Step In The Right Direction, But With Caveats

Forrester February 2, 2012

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) of India recently launched a paper on “Framework for Mobile Governance” that aims at providing fast and easy access of public services to citizens through mobile devices. In view of the limited success of the e-governance initiative in India (low Internet and PC penetration coupled with implementation-related issues), the shift in the […]

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Which Next Subject Would Be Great In The EA And IT Governance Series Of Docs?

Henry Peyret January 31, 2011

Last week I finally published the third document in the collection "EA Involvement In IT Governance": "Integrate EA With ITIL Service Portfolio Management." It follows the two previous documents "Integrate EA With Project Portfolio Management Governance" and "Integrate Enterprise Architecture With Application Portfolio Governance." I say "finally" because most of the ideas for these documents […]

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