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It’s Mostly Quiet On The GDPR Front — But This Is Not The Time For Complacency

Enza Iannopollo 4 days ago

So where are all the GDPR enforcement actions? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force at the end of May 2018, giving unprecedented powers to regulators. From ongoing regulatory audits to hefty fines and a range of new privacy requirements, the GDPR is the most dramatic change in data protection and governance in the last 20 years. Some […]

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Nike Scores A Customer-Values Touchdown

James L. McQuivey 2 days ago

Unless you were on the Appalachian Trail for a few weeks, you know what I’m talking about. I’ll start with this paragraph from our newly published analysis of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, called Nike Makes No Sacrifices: Judging the Nike decision is difficult because there’s so much conflicting evidence. In concept, values-based appeals […]

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Adobe Changes Its Marketing Cloud Trajectory With Marketo Acquisition

Lori Wizdo 2 days ago

I am still catching my breath. Adobe has agreed to acquire Marketo for $4.75 billion. The deal is the biggest in Adobe’s history, and a massive encore to the acquisition of Magento for a mere $1.7 billion in May. On the one hand, I find myself proud to be a B2B marketer — to think that […]

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The Counterintuitive CEO

Ideas, observations, and analyses to help drive the success of other CEOs

Who Will Win The Future Of Payments?

Brendan Miller 4 days ago

Autonomous payments is the future state of payments – and banks, merchants and payment vendors need to prepare now. Venture funding in this arena already exceeds $28 billion. Coupled with intensifying economic and political forces, consumers globally will see this new, but nonlinear evolution of payments emerge, where payments will melt into the wider commerce […]

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Stay Ahead Of Your Customers With Continuous Delivery

James Staten 6 days ago

If you regularly follow the financial markets, it’s hard to ignore the growth generated by the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google). When you look more closely at the “ANG” part of this quintet, it’s not hard to see how continuous delivery and rapid creation of customer value and corporate growth go hand in […]

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Four Things You Must Do Right Now To Rock Your 2018 Holiday

Fiona Swerdlow 6 days ago

Over $1 trillion (no typo) — that’s how big 2017 holiday topline sales were in the US and Europe combined. As for online sales specifically last year, Forrester projected $129 billion in the US and €54 billion in Europe. As a retailer with substantial revenue at stake, you’ve made your merchandise buys, allocated your marketing dollars, and feverishly analyzed […]

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It's Digital Go Time: The Six Vectors Of Investment

Ted Schadler 6 days ago

It’s been 30 years since the internet made customer self-service and automation the watchwords of business. But most of you are still in the starting gates of digital transformation. Only 15% of companies have kicked it into digital high gear. And even these advanced incumbents fall way behind digital pure plays in harnessing the full power […]

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Wealth Management For Generations X, Y, and Z

Victor Milligan 6 days ago

Wealth management is not a sleepy market, but the core business model and operations have remained relatively stable while other industries have been immediately — and in some cases — viciously affected by empowered customers and the dizzying pace of digital.   It is already clear that younger customers are captivated by fintech and insurtech providers. They are willing to experiment and, in […]

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A Good Life Hack

George Colony August 30, 2018

Quickly: Stop reading the news during your workday — you will be happier and more productive. I was traveling in Europe in June, and in a reflective moment, I asked myself a simple question: “What one habit could I change that would improve my life?” As I surveyed my typical day, I spotted an opportunity: my […]

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Bad Bots Are Stealing Data AND Ruining Customer Experience

Amy DeMartine 1 day ago

Bad Bots Are Affecting Your Company More Than You Might Think Every online customer touchpoint – including websites, mobile apps, and APIs – is being attacked by bots. What are these bad bots doing? Interrupting good customer traffic, committing fraud, and stealing information – just ad fraud alone is set to exceed $3.3 billion in […]

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Talking SaaS — It’s All About The Experience (Video)

Allen Bonde 2 days ago

There’s a lot to love about the SaaS model: flexibility, quick implementation, and the promise of an always-on pipeline of innovation through continuous updates. Yet just as many digital transformation efforts have stalled, and companies have also been slow to fully embrace SaaS apps or are lagging in their investments and how they leverage their […]

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It’s Mostly Quiet On The GDPR Front — But This Is Not The Time For Complacency

Enza Iannopollo 4 days ago

So where are all the GDPR enforcement actions? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force at the end of May 2018, giving unprecedented powers to regulators. From ongoing regulatory audits to hefty fines and a range of new privacy requirements, the GDPR is the most dramatic change in data protection and governance in the last 20 years. Some […]

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Wanted: Fintech Expert

Oliwia Berdak 4 days ago

Financial services firms are on the hunt. They’re hunting unicorns. As firms like Revolut and TransferWise attain valuations of $1 billion or more, the pressure to find the Stripes of this world before their value skyrockets has never been stronger. But it’s not just the unicorns that firms are hunting. They’re also chasing the wolpertinger. […]

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Is The Data Ops Workbench A Thing?

Michele Goetz 4 days ago

Data ops, data engineering, data development — oh my! From new roles and teams to new skills and processes, the hot topic on everyone’s mind is data ops. I started to notice the data ops emergence back in 2015 as companies began to look at Agile development to spin up new data capabilities rapidly. Later, as […]

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Media Consultancies Come Of Age

Jay Pattisall 5 days ago

The first Forrester Wave™ on global media agencies reveals the category-adding technology, services, and capabilities to leap beyond conventional media planning and buying. Media agencies are beginning to transform into media consultancies. However, who’s leading might surprise you. The Conventional Approach Of The Media Agency Is Deteriorating Media agencies are no longer just media planning […]

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Video: Boost Customer Engagement With Personalized Video

Nick Barber 6 days ago

When a car insurance company wanted to boost customer engagement during the onboarding process, it turned to personalized video. No longer a gimmick, brands across verticals use the technology to create unique customer experiences at scale. And the videos resonated with the customers of Geoffrey Insurance: An overwhelming majority of them watched the entire video. […]

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And Now . . . Presenting The 2018 ESM Forrester Wave™!

Charles Betz 6 days ago

The 2018 Enterprise Service Management Wave is out! Take IT Service Management, add the Age of the Customer, stir in some Employee Experience and a healthy dose of low/no-code platform, and voilà! Enterprise Service Management! Or if you prefer a more traditional description, we define Enterprise Service Management (ESM) as: Extending IT service management capabilities […]

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Sales And Service Tech: Two Sides Of The Same Coin?

Kate Leggett 6 days ago

Automation and AI are changing the nature of work. Every company job — including every front-office job — will be impacted. Always-available commerce and intelligent guided-selling solutions erode field sales teams. Automated self-service obsoletes generalists and Tier 1 customer service agents. This means that inside sales teams are now handling more highly considered purchases. Customer service agents […]

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Stripe Moving Into Point-Of-Sale Transaction Processing

Brendan Miller 6 days ago

Stripe, one of the leading payment providers for online and platform businesses, today announced “Stripe Terminal” to tackle the merchant challenges around in-person payments. Stripe’s solution combines several of the technology components that go into in-person payments and works to abstract the complexity away for merchants and developers. In-person payments are operationally challenging for merchants. […]

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Join Us At Forrester's Financial Services Summit 2018 In Mumbai On October 10

Ashutosh Sharma September 14, 2018

Jane Austen once said that her idea of good company is clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation. With this delightful idea in mind, I request the pleasure of your company at the second edition of Forrester’s Financial Services Summit in Mumbai on October 10. As the host, I promise you great […]

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Read Two Forrester Waves™ On Machine Learning Solutions For Data Science Teams

Mike Gualtieri September 14, 2018

Machine learning is an elemental core competency. It is a fundamental building block to AI. It gives enterprises the power to predict. Most importantly, it can make enterprises gain the agility of disruptive upstarts by injecting scalable intelligence into customer experiences, business process applications, and employee decisions. That’s where predictive analytics and machine learning (PAML) solutions […]

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The Algorithm Of You

Fatemeh Khatibloo September 14, 2018

Algorithm. It’s a buzzword you hear frequently these days. But does the average consumer understand the impact algorithms have on her life? Absolutely not. Consumers enjoy the illusion of unlimited choice in products, services, and content, but there’s almost always an algorithm behind the curtain, constantly refining and defining what’s presented to her. Like it or not, […]

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A Just-Published Forrester Wave™ Proves That B2B Commerce Suites Have All Grown Up

John Bruno September 13, 2018

We’ve just published “The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites, Q3 2018,” and B2B companies, you’re in luck — you now have a viable list of options with a focus on B2B. We battle-tested the 12 most significant vendors — Apttus, Episerver, Handshake, IBM, Insite Software, Intershop, Magento, Oracle, Salesforce, Sana Commerce, SAP, and Unilog — […]

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Design, Data Science, And The Algorithms That Run Our Lives

Andrew Hogan September 13, 2018

We encounter algorithms every day in many different experiences — from YouTube to Facebook to Uber. Personalization and individualization (impossible to do without algorithms) are hailed as keys to the experiences of the future and form the centerpiece of the very best and most seamless experiences. And computing capabilities and services make this more common and […]

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Come And Join Us To Learn How Security Can Safeguard Your Digital Investments And Help You Serve Your Customers Effectively

Paul McKay September 13, 2018

Security is one of those words that is associated with hackers, reputational failures, and fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I disagree: Security, when done properly, can be one of the biggest investments you make. It is crucial to building customer trust and safeguarding digital investments. Furthermore, responding well to a breach can enhance shareholder value and […]

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Are You Ready For Your Next Brand Crisis?

Jim Nail September 12, 2018

You and your PR team have a detailed crisis communications plan. The problem is, it’s wrong. Crisis communication principles have lagged changing expectations of transparency and responsiveness from today’s consumer. Today’s empowered consumers, as Forrester calls them, have the devices and ability to uncover and share facts — and rumors — even as the crisis communication plan […]

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Join Us To Learn How To Embrace Privacy And Set Your Firm Apart In Your Customers' Eyes

Enza Iannopollo September 12, 2018

We know it: Customers are increasingly demanding protection for and control over their data. Firms that meet and exceed these expectations are recognizing and treating privacy as a value; they’ve successfully created a business reputation for privacy and security and thus inspire customer trust. As a result, their customers are more likely to choose to […]

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The Research You Need To Overcome Seams In Experiences

Kelly Price September 11, 2018

Seamlessness is quite the buzzword these days. It seems that brands of all shapes and sizes are vying to achieve it — from cars, to shopping, to payments, to even “co-living” communities, the storied “seamless” experience seems to be everywhere. But are the experiences that we think are seamless in fact delivering superior experiences? Many firms […]

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Forrester's 2018 ECM Panel Survey Is Open — Call For Participation

Cheryl McKinnon September 11, 2018

Forrester’s survey for enterprise content management (ECM) decision makers is open . . . and we’re looking for your participation! 2018 Global Enterprise Content Management Online Survey Provide your perspectives on the key vendors, challenges, and opportunities you see in the ECM technology market. This survey is intended for ECM or content services decision makers and […]

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