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The Real Root Of Customer Loyalty

What It Means September 13, 2018

To build customer loyalty, companies are tempted to hop on the “I’m your best friend” bandwagon or offer up coupons. But as Principal Analysts Emily Collins and Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian explain, the root of loyalty is delivering real value to customers.  Featuring: Emily Collins, Principal Analyst, and Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, Principal Analyst   Show Notes: Brands need […]


Customer Experience Index Reveals Brands Lack Human Connection

Victor Milligan September 5, 2018

Forrester’s 2018 Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) results continue to show that companies are struggling to create and sustain a human connection with their customers. This is not a question of delighting customers as an endgame or some fluffy sense of emotional attachment; this is a crass and clear story of financial risk. Taking a step […]

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Join Us At CX SF 2018 For Insight Into Seamless Experience

David Truog August 15, 2018

You know that people’s experiences with your company, your products, and your services make all the difference in whether they decide to stay with you or switch to a competitor. It’s why you strive to make those experiences seamless and immersive — but that’s a tall order, which is why we’re tackling the problem head on […]

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Organizational Design Needs Deep-Rooted Change

Sharyn Leaver July 9, 2018

Every day, executives lean in and light up when we describe the virtues of operating with true customer obsession, vowing to make a change . . . . . . and then they return to their reality. The entrenched design of their companies’ organization holds them back. Our research asserts that any modern organization needs […]

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CX: Catering To A Creature Of Habit (Live)

What It Means July 5, 2018

Senior Analyst TJ Keitt explains the importance of habits in customer experience design and how brands should use them to develop a loyal customer following.  Featuring: TJ Keitt, Senior Analyst Show Notes: Everyone has habits that regulate their daily lives — and those habits often include services or products designed to support, create, or reward those habits.   […]


Auto And Home Insurer CX Inches Up Slightly In 2018

Faith Adams June 21, 2018

Seven auto and home insurers saw a statistically significant change to their Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) scores in 2018. As a result, the average score for the industry has moved up one point since 2017. Insurers should not get too excited, though. Despite this small lift, most policyholders in the US saw little or no […]

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Different Year, Same Health Insurer CX Index Story

Faith Adams June 21, 2018

Health insurers know why customer experience is critical — CX leaders grow revenue faster than laggards, can charge more for their products, and have a higher brand preference. But based on Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) data, the how continues to be a challenge. Health insurers’ average CX Index score once again remained flat in 2018, with […]

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The 2018 US Customer Experience Index

What It Means June 21, 2018

Forrester Vice President and Research Director Harley Manning discusses the 2018 US Customer Experience Index results and what they mean for companies trying to win on the value of CX. Featuring: Harley Manning, Vice President and Research Director Show Notes: According to Forrester’s 2018 US Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), CX improvements have stalled for a third year in a row. Firms scoring at the very bottom […]


Banking CX Is Stagnating

Alyson Clarke June 19, 2018

Customer experience leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards, drive higher brand preference, and can charge more for their products. Based on a survey of more than 110,000 US adult customers in 2018, Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) methodology measures how well a brand’s customer experience strengthens the loyalty of its customers so that […]

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There Are No Clear CX Leaders Among US Brands — For The Third Year In A Row

Rick Parrish June 19, 2018

Forrester’s 2018 Customer Experience Index (CX Index) for US brands reveals a worsening CX leadership gap: Not a single brand has risen to the top of our rankings and continued to move upward, and the overall quality of US customer experience is stagnating. The report is based on Forrester’s CX Index™ methodology, which measures how […]

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The US Federal Government Still Ranks Near The Bottom Of Forrester’s Customer Experience Index

Rick Parrish May 31, 2018

The White House requires federal agencies to “provide a modern, streamlined, and responsive customer experience across government, comparable to leading private sector organizations.” Unfortunately, results from Forrester’s 2018 US Federal Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) show that federal CX remains weak and uneven. The 15 US federal agencies and programs that we rated in this […]

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USAA: Excellence In Mobile Banking

What It Means May 31, 2018

Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst James McQuivey interviews two USAA employees — Christy Rogers, VP of digital strategy and content operations, and Shauna Brown, AVP of bank digital channels — on USAA’s success in mobile banking.  Featuring: James McQuivey, Vice President, Principal Analyst Show Notes: Today’s banks are digitally capable — many have mobile apps, online banking, chatbots, and other digital touchpoints. The challenge for these businesses is a lack of differentiation from the […]


Creating The CX-Centric Utility

Matthew Guarini April 26, 2018

Outage management is a defining moment for utilities and thus provides a great way to reimagine the relationship between utilities and their customers. Absent an outage, most consumers don’t give a whole lot of thought to their utility company — flip a switch, and the expected happens. The outage — especially prolonged outages — changes everything. No electricity […]

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Avoid These Top CX Misconceptions

Rick Parrish March 19, 2018

To provide great CX reliably and efficiently, companies must master the six competencies of customer experience management (CXM): research, prioritization, design, enablement, measurement, and culture. Unfortunately, common misconceptions can cause even the most experienced CX professionals to stumble along the path to CXM maturity. In our new report, Avoid These 14 CX Misconceptions, my colleagues […]

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Reimagining The Customer Experience In Utilities

What It Means March 15, 2018

John Lincoln, customer experience leader at Duke Energy, and David Schoenberg, director of customer experience at PG&E, discuss how utilities are reimagining CX. Featuring: David Schoenberg, Director of Customer Experience, PG&E and John Lincoln, Customer Experience Leader, Duke Energy   Show notes: The utilities industry is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about […]


Does CX Quality Affect Stock Performance? Yes, But…

Rick Parrish February 28, 2018

For years, back-of-the-napkin analyses have claimed that CX quality correlates with better stock performance. We dug deeper and compared a portfolio of CX leaders in Forrester’s CX Index™ to a portfolio of CX laggards from October 3, 2016 to October 2, 2017. The results of our study were an unambiguous win for the CX leaders […]

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The Recent NPS Debate - What You Should Really Know

Maxie Schmidt January 19, 2018

Many clients have asked me about my thoughts on the recent blog post by Jared Spool who says Net Promoter Score (NPS*) is a harmful metric. I then usually mention that he is making good points but that there is another post by Aga Szóstek who says the believe in a silver bullet is the truly […]

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Retailers’ CX Slips In 2017

Sucharita Kodali December 7, 2017

Across industries, improvement in CX leads to growth in total revenue. Facing stiff competition on- and off-line, retailers need to invest in superior CX to differentiate themselves and foster the loyalty of empowered customers. However, consumers tell us that the opposite is happening. In 2017, we saw both traditional and digital-only retailers’ CX quality slip. […]

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Customer Experience Hits A Wall

What It Means November 2, 2017

Principal Analyst Rick Parrish discusses the current state of CX — and how companies can overcome stagnation and drive revenue with great customer experience. Featuring: Rick Parrish, Principal Analyst Show notes: Customer experience (CX) is a centerpiece of companies’ business strategies — to reimagine, invent, or simply improve the experiences delivered to customers. It is not […]


CEO Conviction In CX - Why You Overestimate It And How To Get It ...CX Europe 2017

Maxie Schmidt October 18, 2017

Seems like it’s good news when only 5% of CX pros say lack of support by the CEO is among their top 3 challenges. A successful CX transformation needs a CEO who leads by example and rallies the organization around CX. When committed CEOs leave, CX efforts die. But is this really good news? No. […]

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