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From Grease To Code: Industrial Goes Digital

What It Means August 23, 2018

No industry is safe from digital disruption — including manufacturing. Paul Miller explains how companies are overhauling their business models to stay competitive.  Featuring: Paul Miller, Senior Analyst Show Notes: Industrial digital transformation is more than placing robots in a factory or connecting devices to the internet of things. Manufacturers across all industries are using emerging technology to […]


CIOs And The Future Of IT

What It Means August 2, 2018

Sixty-two percent of companies fail to get the most out of their business technology — and the CEO and CIO are to blame. Forrester CEO George Colony and Principal Analyst Bobby Cameron explain why these executives are responsible for leveraging technology to deliver the best customer experience.  Featuring: George Colony, Forrester CEO, and Bobby Cameron, Principal Analyst. Show […]


Robotics Quotient: How Humans Relate To Machines

What It Means July 19, 2018

As robotics revolutionize the workplace, how will humans find their place? Robotics quotient, someone’s ability to work effectively with robots, will soon be an essential skill. Analysts J. P. Gownder and Sam Stern ponder how employee experience can adapt to this bot-filled future.  Featuring: J.P. Gownder, Vice President and Principal Analyst, and Sam Stern, Principal Analyst.   Show […]


Forrester's Top Emerging Technologies To Watch In 2018

Brian Hopkins July 11, 2018

I’m excited to announce that our list of top emerging technologies to watch in 2018 is out. If you are a client, you can download the report here; if not, here is a quick video blog. It explains what’s different about this year’s report and how we came up with our list. It further contains […]

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The Future Of Organizations

What It Means June 28, 2018

Forrester Vice President and Group Director Sharyn Leaver discusses the future of organizations — what companies will look like, how they will function, and how they’ll be managed to maximize agility and efficiency in the not-so-distant future.  Featuring: Sharyn Leaver, Forrester Vice President and Group Director Show Notes: The speed of an idea is fast, the speed of technology is […]


RPA: A Building Block Of Transformative Automation

What It Means May 3, 2018

Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair discusses robotic process automation (RPA) and how the technology can help companies along the path to enterprisewide digital transformation. Featuring: Craig Le Clair, Vice President, Principal Analyst Show notes On a scale from amoebas to neural network deep learning, robotic process automation, or RPA, falls slightly […]


Beyond The Hype Of AR And VR

What It Means February 15, 2018

Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Thomas Husson discusses the current state of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and when and how we’ll see these technologies scale. Featuring: Thomas Husson, Vice President, Principal Analyst Show notes: AR and VR are hot topics, and for good reason. These two technologies have the power to create […]


SAP Acquires Callidus Software For $2.4 Billion

John Bruno January 30, 2018

The definition of CRM has changed. Yes, that is a big statement to make, but it’s an important one. CRM grew from a customer data repository into functional applications, first with sales automation and then to support customer service and marketing. Today’s enterprise software vendors cannot rest on “core” CRM functionality; their buyers demand a […]

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Derisking the AI Worker

Michele Goetz December 21, 2017

When you get over the fear of a robot taking over your job – because if you see our robots today they are still pretty dumb – your next big concern is how these new workers are going to perform. It’s not just a training question, it’s a management question. We all know the risk […]

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Business Strategy Is Digital, And Digital Is Business Strategy

What It Means December 14, 2017

Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins discusses the relationship between successful digital transformation and business strategy — and how technology is accelerating the pace of change. Featuring: Brian Hopkins, Vice President, Principal Analyst Show notes: 93% of firms are taking on digital transformation. Think about that — 93% of firms are in motion, seeking […]


Continuous Delivery: Moving Fast With Today’s Market

What It Means December 7, 2017

Forrester Principal Analyst Robert Stroud discusses how continuous delivery enables companies to keep pace with today’s fast-moving market. Featuring: Robert Stroud, Principal Analyst Show notes: The mathematics of velocity matter. Market speed — generated by the rate of customer experimentation, changing behaviors and expectations, and the pace of innovation — has left companies with a […]


Forrester Data Infographic: Who’s Driving AI Adoption In The Enterprise?

Elizabeth Cullen December 6, 2017

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) and its underlying technology building blocks are top of mind for enterprises today. But who’s driving this change and its adoption within their organizations? On the surface, it may appear that AI is yet another technology that firms will expect their technology organization to champion, evaluate, and bolt […]

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Check Out: The Forrester Wave: Continuous Integration Tools, Q3 2017

Christopher Condo November 28, 2017

The new Forrester Wave™: Continuous Integration Tools, Q3 2017 for application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals is now live! Forrester survey data indicates most developers (67% of 2,000 developers surveyed) use CI tools as part of their software development process, but only 17% use them daily. Does your team fall within this 17%? Or, do you use […]

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Private Cloud Platforms And Hosting Grow Faster Than Expected

Jennifer Adams November 21, 2017

In the past year, we’ve seen an interesting change in the private cloud space: Cloud platforms and private cloud hosting are gaining share at the expense of private cloud software suites. In Forrester’s latest private cloud forecast update, we have increased our growth rates for both private cloud platforms and hosted private cloud. ForecastView clients […]

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The CIO And The Emerging Digital Crisis

What It Means November 9, 2017

Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Bobby Cameron discusses the emerging digital crisis and what it means for the CIO. Featuring: Bobby Cameron, Vice President, Principal Analyst Show notes: Here’s an adage for you: There’s no such thing as a digital strategy; it is simply a business strategy in a digital world. Like most adages, that […]


The Top Technology Trends To Watch: 2018-2020

Brian Hopkins October 23, 2017

I’m excited to announce we just published our 2017 edition of Forrester’s top technology trends to watch. This report continues to be one of our most popular reports, and I’m privileged to lead it every other year. This  report was our biggest collaboration ever; we included four co-authors and dozens of analysts contributed. It highlights […]

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Selecting an Emerging Technology? Let Forrester Help You With Our New Technology Portfolio

Carrie Johnson October 23, 2017

A new crop of emerging technology stands poised to unleash another cycle of raised consumer expectations, changing behaviors, and disruption. The stakes for business leaders are high — a wrong investment could put your firm out of business; make the right move and you’ll vault over your competitors.   Which tech should you bet on? Which […]

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The Ethical Pitfalls Of AI

What It Means October 12, 2017

Senior Analyst Brandon Purcell discusses the current ethical pitfalls and unintended consequences of artificial intelligence and what’s at stake for executives and organizations. Featuring: Brandon Purcell, Senior Analyst Show notes: At its heart, artificial intelligence (AI) mimics human behavior and applies computational speeds that humans can’t deliver, yet the imperfections of current AI — driven in […]


Human + Machine: The Robot Revolution Requires Human Design

J.P. Gownder October 5, 2017

Robots – in the form of artificial intelligence, software bots, intelligent assistants, customer self-service solutions, and, yes, physical robots – are transforming our economy, our jobs, and how we serve our customers. Our research on the robot revolution shows: Economic and job disruptions. We forecast that, by 2027, the US economy will lose 17% of jobs, […]

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Autonomous Vehicles Will Reshape The Global Economy: Part Two

What It Means September 28, 2017

Forrester Analysts Carl Doty and Laura Koetzle continue their discussion on autonomous vehicles and how they will profoundly transform key industry domains. Featuring: Carl Doty, Vice President, Group Director and Laura Koetzle, Vice President, Group Director   Show notes: Autonomous vehicles will have far-reaching and diverse impacts on the global economy, society, and six industry domains. This is […]