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Chocolate v. Security

What is up with IT pros and chocolate? The media seems to love these "candy bar in exchange for your password" stories. I don’t…

April 17, 2007 | Forrester

Word of the day: SMiShing

I learned a new word from the Symantec threat report report (page 22): SMiShing – spam and phishing over the SMS and MMS…

March 23, 2007 | Forrester

Google’s new data retention policy

Google announced yesterday that it is changing its data retention policies on searches. It will now anonymize its search logs…

March 16, 2007 | Forrester

IAPP Privacy Summit ’07

I spent the latter half of last week at the IAPP Privacy Summit 2007 in Washington D.C.

March 12, 2007 | Forrester

Poor privacy impact assessments

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Americans are having immigration problems going to Canada based on very old criminal offenses. This is because of…

February 23, 2007 | Forrester