We are Bold at Work

at work.

Being a customer-obsessed organization requires change — it requires being bold. Our job is to give our employees and clients the confidence to put bold into action, shaping and guiding how they navigate change in order to succeed.

COVID-19 pushed many companies — including ours — to chart new paths, accelerate transformations, and innovate. It pushed them to be bold. It pushed us to be bold.
Sharyn Leaver
SVP, Research, Forrester
I love big challenges. I’ve seen big challenges in my career, but this was insane — grow the marketing contribution to pipeline 6x in 12 months, all while the company was accelerating its own growth rate. This was something I had never seen done in my career.
Karl Van den Bergh
CMO, Gigamon

What’s coming

A successful brand system is dynamic, always evolving to meet the needs of the organization. New and updated components will be added regularly to ensure our brand is able to meet our work and our people.

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