Our unique value proposition

We work with business and
technology leaders to drive
customer-obsessed vision,
strategy, and execution that
accelerate growth.

Expand your vision.

Get a clear vision of the future to move quickly and confidently.

Build your strategy.

Develop customer-obsessed strategies to achieve competitive advantage.

Execute brilliantly.

Execute to drive revenue and growth.

Qualtrics revenue is up 82% YoY. This is very much reflective of the SAP + Qualtrics team collaboration to bring the message of experience management to the world, together.
Alicia Tillman
Global CMO, SAP

Bold at Work.

Change is constant. And change can be scary. But there’s no growth without change. The key is to find the opportunity in change. This requires curiosity, the courage to take risks, and the confidence to take a stand — it requires us to be bold.

And yet, at the end of the day, bold ideas are just … bold ideas. Our job is to put bold into action, to shape and guide how leaders navigate — and succeed — through any change thrown their way.

What clients want from us is a partner through change. It requires trust because change can be vulnerable. It also requires deep expertise because the other element of change is opportunity.
Brigitte Majewski
VP, Research Director, Forrester

At Forrester, your success is our success. Bold at work means our clients and employees are able to:

Chart new paths with confidence
Act decisively
Connect with new people to find new ways to work
Execute quickly and brilliantly
Take risks and be willing to fail
Move fast, constantly adapting and innovating

Learn what it means to be Bold at Work

Our job is to put bold ideas into action, shaping and guiding how you navigate change.

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