CX Foundations

Brands have embraced CX as a growth engine, building up teams of internal and outside hires to lead initiatives aimed at creating better experiences for customers. In a blossoming field such as CX, it’s common to find inconsistencies in skill sets and knowledge. In order to effectively drive CX initiatives forward, all CX team members need a consistent working knowledge of customer experience concepts.

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Forrester’s CX Foundations course offers employees the opportunity to learn the core CX skills needed to initiate and orchestrate end-to-end CX projects. Employees will demonstrate their competency through hands-on activities that result in deliverables that can be put into practice immediately in a real-life CX program.

Learn The Foundations Of CX

Crafting A CX Vision

Identify the elements of a brand-rooted CX vision that is authentic, inspiring, and mobilizing.

Building A Customer-Centric Culture

Explore the essential steps to culture change and how to sustain momentum over a long transformation.

Conducting CX Research

Discover how the right research methods and planning help drive customer centricity, and how to get the insights you need to succeed.

Maximizing Journey Mapping

Unlock the seven steps to successful journey mapping to increase ROI and fuel transformation.

Measuring CX

Learn how to establish or improve your CX measurement program to truly measure CX quality from the outside in.

Storytelling The CX Business Case

Build powerful business cases for your CX initiatives through the art of storytelling and the science of ROI modeling.

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