Innovating CX

The distance between a customer experience (CX) program that is burgeoning and one that is leading the pack can feel insurmountable, but closing the gap is possible. Firms that deliver breakaway CX do two things well: They maintain a focus on strengthening the core principals of CX management and also lean into new and innovative tactics to add to their arsenal of ways to delight customers while delivering an impact for the business.


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Enrollment prerequisites: CX Foundations and CX Management courses.
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Forrester’s Innovating CX course is a carefully curated exploration of cutting-edge CX tactics designed to help you realistically map out a plan to up-level your CX. This eight-week program builds on the competencies gained in CX Foundations and CX Management and will explore ways to deepen those competencies. You will learn about and explore topics including technology’s impact on CX, how to hardwire CX to your firm’s financial metrics, and how to keep your foundation in customer understanding rock-solid.

Lean Into CX Innovation

Drive Action With Your VoC Program

Learn how state-of-the-art voice-of-the-customer (VoC) programs drive better decisions, outcomes, and revenue.

Supercharge Your Journey Mapping

Increase journey mapping’s utility by understanding how it affects your CX ecosystem to solve specific types of problems.

Design With Data

Use your understanding of what your customers really want to employ innovative design tactics and build breakaway experiences.

Demystify Financial Metrics

Understand financial indicators and learn how hybrid, proxy metrics reveal connections between CX performance and business outcomes.

Innovate Your Business Model For CX Advantage

Go beyond just serving a market to defining it through innovative, customer-obsessed solutions that translate CX strategy into growth for your organization.

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