Forrester Logo Usage Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when using the Forrester logo. If you have questions, contact

  • Authorized usage: Use of the Forrester logo is subject to review and approval by the Citations team. See our Citation Policy for more information.
  • Use files provided below: Do not alter, recreate, or redraw the logos. If a different size or format is required, please contact the Citations team.
  • Screen minimum size: The absolute minimum size of the logo (on non-Retina screens) is 140px wide. On Retina screens, use the logo at 280px wide.
  • Clear space: The height of the “F” in “Forrester” is the best gauge of minimum margins (clear space) around the logo. Any other artwork, logo, shape, page edge, etc. should appear at least that distance from all sides of the logo.

Logos For Print And Online Use