eBusiness & Channel Strategy Council

Council advisors help senior-level eBusiness and channel strategy executives apply insights from forward-looking research and best practices of an exclusive network of peers and analysts to navigate risk and accelerate key business initiatives.

Members of Forrester’s eBusiness & Channel Strategy Council are tackling these top priorities in 2017:

  • Develop a road map for digital business transformation with lessons learned and key insights of peer organizations that have recently evolved.
  • Nurture a digital culture, evaluate the risks associated with “fast versus perfect” execution, and effectively communicate what “digital” means to continue evolving the culture within the organization.
  • Evolve the organizational structure through upskilling the team to address skill gaps and by adding new roles to deliver personalized and individualized customer engagement.

For a complete list of eBusiness & Channel Strategy Council members’ top priorities, key questions, and a calendar of events, download the 2017 program overview.

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