Benchmark Your COVID-19 Digital Health Response Plan

A Complimentary Forrester Report In Partnership With HIMSS


In the earliest days of COVID-19, healthcare organizations raced to implement virtual care solutions to support their communities under shelter-in-place orders. Today, the healthcare industry is light-years ahead of where it was just three months ago in its adoption of digital health technologies. In that time, HCOs have fielded symptom checkers, virtual care solutions, and remote patient monitoring platforms that oversee COVID-19 recovery from home, as well as predictive analytics that forecasts capacity strain on the health system — to name a few. These efforts are helping HCOs ensure that they have enough staff, supplies, and hospital beds to meet the needs of their communities.

But the work isn’t close to done yet. To find out which technology problems remain unsolved, Forrester partnered with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to survey frontline healthcare IT workers on what’s working and what isn’t. Healthcare workers should read this report to benchmark their own technology responses to COVID-19 and guide their planning for long-term investment and divestment decisions.

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Benchmark Your COVID-19 Digital Strategy
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The COVID-19 Technology Priority List For Healthcare Leaders
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