Add The Right Personality For Your Chatbots

Complimentary Webinar: Don’t Leave Your Chatbot Personality To Chance: Design It!

You want to leverage the automation of chatbots to engage your customers and operationalize your customer experiences. But do you know if your chatbot design is helping or hurting CX and your brand?

Your chatbot personality has a lot to do with how engaged customers will be. The wrong chatbot persona can turn customers off and cast a negative light on your CX engagement.

Watch this webinar to get analyst advice on how to design your chatbot personality.

You’ll learn how and why chatbot personality is crucial to driving better outcomes from this CX tactic and get tips you can use to:

  • Plan out your chatbot personality design.
  • Choose your chatbot’s language and tone for your audience.
  • Decide if naming your chatbot helps or hurts engagement.
  • Know when it’s time to call in a conversational designer.

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45 minutes