CX Management

Truly great CX that differentiates your brand and drives growth is only achieved through an intentional approach to CX management. Lasting and impactful CX requires masterful coordination of large teams to work and deliver in a way that is consistent with your brand’s CX vision. Brands must invest to find good talent, build the necessary CX skills, and develop a program built to deliver ongoing results.

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Forrester’s CX Management course is designed to help you build your CX management capability. Over the course of five weeks, learners will build upon the CX skills established in Forrester’s introductory course, CX Foundations, developing an understanding of the six core competencies that we know are required to build lasting CX: research, prioritization, design, enablement, measurement, and culture.

Learn How To Manage CX Transformation

What Breakaway CX Demands

Understand the six competencies all firms must master to drive revenue through CX improvement.

Elevate CX Measurement

Establish discipline and prepare your program for effective scaling.

Research For Seamless CX

Build a research practice that supports seamless customer experiences.

Prioritize Your CX Efforts

Prioritize CX improvements around customer impact, business impact, and feasibility.

Design For Differentiation

Use people, priorities, and process to establish design as a strategic differentiator.

Enable Great CX Delivery

Create processes that compel collaboration across silos.

Culture Practices For Transformation

Ingrain customer-centric behaviors and remove barriers to transforming your culture.

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