CX Reality Day: July 15

Take the challenge to understand the reality of your firm’s CX

Do you understand what your customers experience every day? On July 15th, rally your executive team to take the CX Reality Day challenge and put yourselves in your customers’ shoes. The challenge consists of three components:

  1. Try to complete a few tasks as your customers would.
  2. Take notes on those experiences, what happened, and how they made you feel.
  3. Upon completion, ask yourself and your team: is your brand promise aligning with the customer experience of your company?

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Your CX Reality Day Checklist

Here are some helpful tips so that your team approaches CX Reality Day in a common way, and you close the day with some actionable next steps.

  1. Have a goal in mind. We recommend trying to complete three basic tasks. 1) Become a new customer; 2) Resolve a problem with your service or product; and 3) Add another service or product to your contract or order.
  2. Have a customer persona in mind. You may not be your target customer. And different customers are going to try to accomplish these goals in different ways. Have a customer persona in mind during this challenge and consider things like using a device that your customer would use to do a task — it may not be your go-to device.
  3. Document what happened when completing each task. Flag any issues, jot down what worked, and note how the experience made you feel. Logging your emotions is important: Forrester’s CX Index data consistently shows that brands must ensure experiences delight their customers in order to boost loyalty. Unsurprisingly, feelings of annoyance, disappointment, and frustration alienate customers.
  4. Reflect and take action. Discuss whether your customer experience delivers on your brand promise. Bring the issues you experienced to the appropriate departments for evaluation. How, when, and why you remedy those issues will depend on your prioritization scheme. Download this guide to help you prioritize CX projects with the greatest business impact.


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