CX Index

Companies will increasingly win or lose on the battleground of customer experience. To win, you need actionable CX insights that allow you to prioritize investments that will continuously improve your customers’ experiences.

The most complete and powerful CX metric in the market

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Deep insights

Gain detailed, driver-level data on why your CX is good or bad.

Competitive benchmarking

See how your customers perceive the differences between you and your competitors.

Revenue simulation tool

Prioritize investments that will yield the greatest revenue impact.

How industries stack up

The impact of emotion on CX: Vanguard’s story

Custom Data

Tailor the CX Index to your needs

Supplement your existing CX research with the CX Index by licensing our proprietary methodology. When you conduct custom CX Index surveys, Forrester will work with you to assess which CX metrics and analyses are most beneficial for your business, and tailor deliverables to your needs.

Contact our team to learn more about Forrester’s custom data services.

Get more tips on CX measurement

We’ve boiled down nearly two decades of independent CX research to five core tips that you can use to evolve and strengthen your CX measurement program.

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