Innovate CX through the power of moments

Get nine times greater payoff by raising peaks

Should you spend more time addressing the problems of dissatisfied customers or trying to delight lukewarm customers? Most companies spend four times more effort addressing the problems of dissatisfied customers (what we call “filling pits”) than creating better experiences for lukewarm customers (“raising peaks”), yet research shows that the payoff from raising peaks is nine times greater! So how do you build peaks?

“I loved how the inspirational examples and framework opened up our thinking when innovating on experience . . . we already have a dark horse idea that fits well with the framework, and we are already applying the framework to initiatives in play. ”

— Senior director, major apparel retailer

Forrester has joined forces with Chip and Dan Heath to help organizations capture this opportunity by applying the Defining Moments Framework, along with Forrester’s expertise, research, and data, to rethink what makes a truly meaningful and memorable experience and how to create and deliver those experiences systematically to drive higher business impact.

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