Make Your Digital Transformation Ethical And Transparent To Win In A Post-Pandemic World

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

Covid-19 forces consumers and companies to think about digital differently. From entertainment to banking to shopping, European consumers are engaging more digitally as ever before. Businesses must respond with digital services, products, and experiences that satisfy and exceed consumers’ demand and expectations.

The pandemic has also shown us that business resilience can become the ultimate competitive advantage and no digital transformation will be resilient or successful enough without a new commitment to data ethics and transparency.

Join us and find out how to leverage data ethics and transparency to build and execute digital strategies to win in a post-pandemic world.

Join Enza Iannopollo for this 30 minute webinar and learn:

  • How to define data ethics as an operation principle.
  • How to embed data ethics and transparency into your digital transformation.
  • How to leverage data ethics to shape your partner ecosystem.


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30 minutes

Enza Iannopollo

Senior Analyst