CX NYC 2019

June 11 – 12  |  New York

Meet With Our Analysts On-Site

Forrester forums offer unparalleled opportunities for face-to-face meetings with our best-in-class analysts & experts. Forum attendees can choose to meet with our analysts & experts one-on-one or in small groups, in order to explore individual issues and solutions.

Booking for onsite analyst & expert meetings opens on June 4th. Registered attendees will be notified by email on how to book. All analyst & expert meetings are subject to change based on availability. For additional information about onsite analyst meetings, contact Hannah Mower.

Analysts & Experts

Adele Sage, Principal Advisor
Coverage: CX Measurement, CX Transformation, and Voice of the Customer.

Alex Stein, Senior Consultant
Coverage: Customer Analytics, Customer Experience Management, Customer Experience Strategy, Customer Intelligence, and Marketing & Strategy.

Alla Valente, Analyst
Coverage: Financial Services, Fintech, Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), IT Governance, Information Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Risk Management, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), and Vendor Management.

Allison Snow, Senior Analyst
Coverage: Attribution, B2B, Campaign Management, Contextual Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead-To-Revenue Management (L2RM), Marketing ROI, and Predictive Analytics.

Alyson Clarke, Principal Analyst
Coverage: Banking, Branch Banking, Checking & Savings Accounts, Consumer Mobility, Customer Advocacy, Customer Experience Management, Digital Banking, Digital Business, Financial Planning, Financial Services, Innovation, Investments, Mobile Banking, Mortgage & Unsecured Lending, Multichannel Selling Strategies, Omnichannel Customer Experience, and Wealth Management

Amanda Brax, Global Council Manager
Coverage: Customer Experience, Return on Investment (ROI) in Utilities, Culture, and Exmployee Experience (EX)

Andrew Hogan, Senior Analyst
Coverage: Digital Agencies, Digital Customer Experience, Digital Experience Service Providers, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Metrics, Mobile Apps, Mobile Web, Online Retail, Personalization, Responsive Design, Usability Testing, and User Experience.

Angelina Gennis, Analyst
Coverage: CX Transformation, Corporate Culture, and Design Thinking.

Anjali Lai, Senior Data Analyst
Coverage: Community Management, Enterprise Social Listening Platforms, Market Research, and Social Intelligence.

Brandon Purcell, Principal Analyst
Coverage: Business Intelligence, Customer Analytics, Customer Intelligence, Data Management, Data Mining, Enterprise Portals, Financial Services, Predictive Analytics, Teradata, and Text Analytics.

Bret Sanford-Chung, Vice President, Executive Partner

Daniel Hong, Vice President, Research Director

David Truog, Vice President, Research Director
Coverage: Agile, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Customer Centricity, Customer Emotion, Customer Experience Ecosystem, Customer Experience Management, Customer Understanding, Design Thinking, Digital Customer Experience, Usability Testing, and User Experience

Erin Streeter, Vice President, Training & Certification Product Manager

Faith Adams, Senior Analyst
Coverage: Customer Centricity, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience Maturity, Customer Experience Measurement, Customer Feedback Management (CFM), Customer Onboarding, Employee Engagement, Health Plans & Health Providers, Life Insurance, Medical Devices, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Telehealth.

Fiona Swerdlow, VP, Research Director
Coverage: Trends in Retail.

Frank E. Gillett, Vice President, Principal Analyst
Coverage: Application Management, Automotive, Business Models, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Communications Infrastructure, Consumer Electronics, Converged Infrastructure, Corporate Strategy, Desktop Operating Systems, Desktops & Laptops, Enterprise Collaboration, Enterprise Mobile Devices, Enterprise Mobility, Gaming, IT Consulting, IT Services, Infrastructure Architectures, Manufacturing Media & Entertainment, Mobile Operating Systems, Mobile Professional Productivity, Mobile Software & Platforms, Networking, Processor Architectures, Server Platforms, Server Virtualization, Smart Home, Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Speech Analytics, Storage, Systems Management, Tech Sector Economics, Technology Adoption Data, Technology Pricing & Licensing, and Telematics.

Gina Bhawalkar, Principal Analyst
Coverage: Agile, Banking, Customer Journey, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Understanding, Digital Customer Experience, Financial Services, Organization, Usability Testing, User Experience, and Web Design Standards.

Greg Barber, Senior Advisor
Coverage: CX Governance and Prioritization, Measurement, Predictive Analytics, and Voice of the Customer (VOC).

Holly Felicetta, Program Director

Jeff Becker, Senior Analyst
Coverage: Business & IT Alignment, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Healthcare Technologies, Project Management Tools & Processes, and Return On Investment (ROI).

Jeffery Williams, Senior Analyst

Jen Sanning, Vice President, Executive Partner
Coverage: Brand Experience, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience Strategy, Digital Transformation, Integrated Marketing (Cross-Channel), and Organizational Structure.

Jennifer Adams, Senior TEI Consultant
Coverage: Advanced Analytics, Application Security, Big Data, Business & IT Alignment, Business Intelligence, Business Technology (BT), Cloud Computing, Endpoint Security, Fraud Management, IT Spending Forecasts, Identity & Access Management (IAM), and Internet of Things (IoT).

Jim Nail, Principal Analyst
Coverage: Adobe Systems, Advertising, Branding, Integrated Marketing (Cross-Channel), Marketing Measurement, Marketing Metrics, Marketing Mix Modeling, Marketing, ROI, Television Advertising, and Video Advertising.

Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Principal Analyst
Coverage: Adaptive Brand Marketing, Agile, Agile Commerce, Brand Building, Brand Monitoring, Branding, Co-Creation & Crowdsourcing, Customer Advocacy, Customer Analytics, Customer Centricity, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience Index (CX Index), Customer Experience Management, Customer Journey, Customer Onboarding, Digital Business Globalization & Localization, Mobile Web, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Omnichannel Customer Experience, Personalization, Usability Testing, User Experience, and Voice Of The Customer (VOC).

Judy Weader, Principal Advisor
Coverage: Return On Investment (ROI), Culture, and Employee Experience.

Katelyn Sprang, Advisor
Coverage: ROI of CX (regulated industries), Building and Socializing a CX Vision, Prioritization

Kathleen Byrne, Manager, TEI Consulting
Coverage: B2B and Customer Experience Management.

Kelly Price, Analyst
Coverage: Customer Centricity, Customer Experience Management, Personas &amp Scenarios, Usability Testing, and User Experience.

Laura Ramos, Vice President, Principal Analyst
Coverage: B2B, Budgeting, Buyer Engagement, Content Marketing, Customer Advocacy, Customer Onboarding, Employee Engagement, Lead-To-Revenue Management (L2RM), Marketing Measurement, Predictive Analytics, and Thought Leadership.

Laura Tramm, Data Scientist, CX Index
Coverage: Customer Experience, Customer Experience Index, and CX to Revenue Growth.

Lizzie Guerra, Advisor
Coverage: Voice of the Customer, CX Measurement, and Vision/Strategy.

Pete Jacques, Principal Analyst, CX Index

Rebecca McAdams, Senior Advisor
Coverage: Employee Experience Measurement, Customer-centric Culture, and Employee Experience Strategy.

Rick Parrish, Principal Analyst
Coverage: Customer Centricity, Customer Experience Index (CX Index), Customer Experience Management, Customer Journey, Government, Omnichannel Customer Experience, Personas & Scenarios, and Public Sector.

Sheryl Pattek, Vice President, Executive Partner
Coverage: Customer Engagement, Digital Business, Digital Marketing, Innovation, Integrated Marketing (Cross-Channel), Marketing Organization & Culture, and Thought Leadership.

TJ Keitt, Principal Analyst
Coverage: CSC, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Collaboration Platforms, Customer Experience Management, Enterprise Collaboration, Go-To-Market Strategies, Microsoft, Product & Solutions Strategies, Social Media, and Web Conferencing.

Tristan Back, Advisor
Coverage: CX Measurement and Research and Enablement

Vijay Raghavan, Senior Analyst
Coverage: Banking, Customer Experience Management, Digital Banking, Digital Transformation, Financial Services, Fintech, Innovation, Investments, Mobile Banking, and Wealth Management.