Summit Asia Pacific

September 1 – 2  |  Live Virtual Experience

Program of the Year (POY) Award

Program of the Year (POY) award recognizes SiriusDecisions advisory clients that have achieved significant and innovative results through a program implemented within a marketing, sales or product function.

We are looking for best practices in the following services:

(awards will not be given in every category)

  • Marketing Executive service
  • Portfolio Marketing service
  • Demand and Account Based Marketing service
  • Marketing Operations service
  • Channel Marketing service
  • Customer Engagement service
  • Sales Executive service
  • Sales Operations service
  • Sales Enablement service
  • Product Management service
  • Emerging Growth Marketing service
  • Emerging Growth Sales service

Criteria Specific eligibility criteria include:

  • The organization is able to demonstrate its program is innovative and has achieved strong results, positively impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of the function.
  • The organization has used SiriusDecisions models and methods as a part of its program.

Nominations from the following will not be given consideration by the SiriusDecisions team:

  • Companies that are not active clients of SiriusDecisions.
  • Companies (or divisions of companies $5 billion or greater) that have received an POY award at Summit Europe in the last two years.
  • Programs from sales and marketing vendors themselves that focus on the use of their technology or services.
  • Sales and marketing vendors can nominate clients for the Programs of the Year awards; however, the nomination form and process must be completed by the client, not the vendor. Vendor-completed nominations will not be considered, and vendors will not be allowed to speak on behalf of a client.