APAC Financial Services Webcast Week 2020

The next phase of global pandemic will bring new challenges that few businesses are prepared for. In Forrester’s very first Financial Services webcast series, join our leading analysts and industry leaders for an inspiring week of insights and best practices that will help you and your organisation get ready for the next normal.

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The financial services landscape in Asia Pacific is dynamic, and COVID-19 is bringing additional uncertainty and challenges.  From open banking and business recovery strategies, to maintaining resiliency and planning for the long term, financial services institutions need to be agile in navigating through the different stages of a global pandemic.

Most firms have adapted relatively well to the social distancing phase of the pandemic. The next phase will bring businesses in uncharted territories with new challenges for which few businesses are prepared for. A clear lack of predictability in the business environment will force organisations to embrace an adaptive strategy and continuously probe, sense and respond in the nimblest way possible.

One thing is sure, the next normal will force financial services firms to redefine their decades-old business models. Leading firms will embrace market adaptiveness: experiment with new business models and revenue streams; launch personalised services that cut across product lines; and improve not only customer, but also employee experience quality. They will also emphasize the development of a future-fit technology management and organisational structure.

Forrester is here to help you navigate through these volatile times and prepare for the next normal.

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Forrester Speakers

Frederic Giron

VP, Research Director, Forrester

Zhi Ying Barry

Zhi Ying Barry

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Achim Granzen

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Aurelie L'Hostis

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Meng Liu

Analyst, Forrester

Tom Mouhsian

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Arnav Gupta

Analyst, Forrester

Leslie Joseph

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Kalyan Sumanam

Principal Consultant, Forrester

Nancy Lin

Senior Research Associate, Forrester

Industry Speakers

Alp Altun

Regional Chief Transformation Officer, Asia Pacific, Allianz

Anand Subbaraman

General Manager, Retail Banking Solutions, Finastra

Francesco Lagutaine

Chief Marketing and Experience Design Officer - Asia, Manulife Financial Asia Ltd

Henry Wang

Lead Architect, MYbank, Ant Group Shareholder

Laurence Thiery

Head of Asia Pacific Financial Services, Amazon Web Services

Nick Wilde

Nick Wilde

Managing Director of APAC, Thought Machine

Prashant Agarwal

Head, Digital Marketing, AIA Group

Steve Monaghan

Chairman & CEO, Gen.Life Limited

Siew Choo Soh

Managing Director and Head of Consumer Banking & Big Data Analytics Technology, DBS Bank

Stuart Ward

Director, Industry Strategy, Financial Services, Salesforce

Vincent Caldeira

Chief Financial Services Technologist, APAC, Red Hat