Forrester Press Contacts

Corporate Communications; Investor Relations; and Lead for CX; CMO; Retail; Media; Branding; Agencies in North America
Shweta Agarwal, Cambridge, MA
+1 617 613 6805

Lead for CIO/IT Research in North America; Healthcare; Security & Risk; Government; Future of Work
Ira Kantor, Cambridge, MA
+1 617 613 6115

Lead for CIO/IT Research including AI, Automation, IoT and Cloud in Europe
Hannah Segvich, London, U.K.

+44 20 7323 7602

Lead for Germany; CMO, CX, and Retail Research in Europe; Blockchain and Crypto; Banking, Insurance and Wealth Management; Telecom, Mobile and Wireless
Michael Burner, London, U.K.
+44 20 7323 7608

Lead for APAC
Iris Leong, Singapore
+65 6426 7016