The Future Of B2C Business Models

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

Innovative pricing and distribution models are changing how businesses make money and how consumers expect to pay. Consumers used to pay for ownership (e.g. buying a CD). Now, they increasingly pay for access (e.g., streaming an album on Spotify).

The result? More firms are allowing people to experience their products and services without lock-in. These models make consumers more willing to take a chance on a new brand … and more willing to drop a brand that doesn’t wow them.

In this complimentary webinar VP and Principal Analysts’ Sucharita Kodali and Joe Stanhope will explain:

  • The role of digital innovation in the future of B2C buying.
  • How new pricing and distribution models are changing consumers’ expectations for B2C brand offerings.
  • Why customer retention will become even more critical as firms adopt revenue models where only a prolonged series of recurring payments can earn real upside.

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