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Adapt To Win

The businesses that thrive most during times of constant change and uncertainty embrace adaptiveness. Forrester data shows adaptive companies grow more than three times faster than the rest of their industry and technology leaders play a vital role in this shift. This resource hub has been created to provide European technology leaders with the tools and insights they need to build the capacities and capabilities of an adaptive enterprise. In these blogs, webinars, videos and guides, our analysts provide their expert perspectives on where we are now, where we are going and how to proactively adapt to changing market forces.

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A Guide To The Future Of Work In Europe

Download our complimentary guide and get access to the tools you need to transform your organisation for the future of work.

The Adaptive Enterprise

Many firms are doubling down on the concept of agility to cope with today’s business uncertainty and the accelerating pace of business. But agility isn’t enough. Firms need to adapt and proactively reconfigure themselves to pursue the opportunities that market volatility and emerging technologies produce.

Complimentary Webinars

Innovating With Emerging Technology In A Time Of Scarcity

Discover the role emerging technologies can play in ensuring that your company doesn’t just survive but thrive in this time of uncertainty and ongoing cost constraints.

Future of Jobs in Europe

Learn more about the shifting dynamics of Europe’s job market in the coming years to help CIOs and business leaders prepare for this transformation.

Lessons Learned From The COVID-19 Crisis

Hear from a group of executives on how the pandemic affected them, their teams, and their companies. Find out how they responded to it, and what they’ve learned.

Avoiding Automation Disaster

Not all automation is good or necessary, and as you scale it throughout the enterprise, risks increase. Is your organisation ready and do you have the skills? What are your automation options and how do you avoid automation disasters?

Being Open – Lessons On Innovation From Financial Services

Discover the lessons learned in financial services, how to collaborate to deliver value to customers; helping you to position innovation as vital tool to meet the challenges of a post-Covid world.

Make Your Digital Transformation Ethical And Transparent To Win In A Post-Pandemic World

Learn how forward looking businesses leverage data ethics and transparency to build and execute digital strategies to win in a post-pandemic world.

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Four Ways To Modernize Your Core Business Applications

Duncan Jones

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Architecting Flexibility — Lessons Learned From Leading Banks

Jost Hoppermann

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This Is No Time For Business As Usual In Industry

Paul Miller

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Turn To AI To Transform Personalisation

James McCormick

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The Rise Of The Autonomous Enterprise

George Lawrie

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Marketing Innovation Requires A Moments-Based Ecosystem

Rusty Warner

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Firms Need New Capabilities And Partners To Develop Their Financial Well-Being Strategy

Aurelie L’Hostis

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Zero Trust Is Moving From Theory To Practice For European Organisations

Paul McKay

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Featured Insights


Food Retailers’ Inadequate Crisis Response Highlights The Contrast Between Modern And Outdated Business Applications

For UK food retailers, coronavirus crisis has demonstrated the importance of flexible supply chain management. Read more, including potential solutions.
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Data Proliferation Accelerates The Need For Data Literacy

With the onslaught of data and statistics about the pandemic, the world has seen an explosion of armchair virologists and policy pundits. Everyone has an insight to share, but not everyone gets it right. The World Health Organization, the European Commission, and national governments strive to harmonize data — a laudable effort, but the need […]
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Master Privacy Management To Deliver Business Outcomes Alongside Compliance

One of the keys to keeping your data safe is selecting the right tool. Get four key takeaways from our recent review of the top privacy management software vendors.
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The Culture Of An Organization Defines Its Destiny

Corporate culture matters because it provides the framework for what and why employees and managers prioritize business objectives and how they go about executing them. Transformation depends on this adaptive workforce that drives and defines the organization.
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The Future Of Work Is An Adaptive Workforce

Adaptive enterprises have a distinct advantage over their competitors. To begin your transformation, start with your workforce. Learn more.
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Data Literacy: The Secret To Customer Obsession

The key to becoming customer-obsessed is turning data into insights. In this episode, Principal Analyst Jennifer Belissent provides guidance on how to make your enterprise more data-literate.
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Avoiding AI Gone Wrong: The Challenges Of Testing AI Applications

As AI-infused applications expand their reach, a question persists: How do you test the unknown? VP and Principal Analyst Diego Lo Giudice tackles that question — and more — in this week’s episode.
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Research Reports

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The Forrester Tech Tide™: Smart Manufacturing, Q2 2020

Twenty Technologies Power Manufacturing’s Digital Transformation

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Research Overview: Adaptive Strategies

A CIO’s Guide To Leveraging Adaptive Strategies To Win In Times Of Constant Change

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An Open Culture Becomes The Underpinning For The Adaptive Enterprise

Your Corporate Culture Defines How Well You Can Tackle The Challenges Of Managing Permanent Change

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Research Overview: Digital Supply Chain

A Guide To Digitally Transforming Your Supply Chain

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Returning To Work: How To Prepare For Pandemic Recovery

Essential Steps And Pandemic Management Protocols For Planning Your Operational Recovery

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Blockchain In 2020: A CIO’s Guide To The 10 Most Prevalent Myths

To Use Distributed Ledger Technology Successfully, Avoid These Key Misconceptions

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