Modernize IT With CX As The Core Design Principle

Agencies need to improve the performance of technology to comply with FITARA and the MGT Act and to fuel mission success. To do this, you need to address corrosive technical debt — spending precious money on systems that add marginal value at outsized costs — and likely organizational inertia.

The goal is to place the user — whether a citizen or an employee — at the center of design and modernize to shift debt to leverage.

Reverse technical debt to empower the mission.
Reverse technical debt to empower the mission.

Technical And Organizational Debt

Legacy and homegrown systems made sense when designed — when technology in government was expected to provide basic support to the organization. Organizing by technology stack also made sense. Those days are long gone, challenging you to drive out stubborn costs, modernize as aggressively as possible, and create new ways to place technology (and you) at the core of creating mission value.

Cloud Strategies

Cloud can create significant advantages: working capital to fund new technology initiatives and a platform that enables you to adapt to changing user and mission needs. There are important decisions as to what you move to or build in the cloud and what you don’t, how to consider security needs, and how to ensure that you master data.


We are at the cusp of the new technology revolution: the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and blockchain. Some of these technologies may be too far ahead and not able to deliver value today, but you need understand the possibilities and chart a course that enables you to capitalize on a new breed of technologies able to advance mission goals.


CX For IT is a way of thinking and working. It puts the user and mission at the center of the universe, using customer insights and journey maps to identify the specific capabilities that matter most. It often requires you to drive changes in culture, habits, operating models, and priorities to get the most out of your teams. It is not easy — but it can unlock massive value.

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