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Industry Go-To-Market

We have shifted to an outcomes-based market. Becoming digital-first means competing on the strength of your business technology and realizing the agility and efficiency of digital-native firms. Today more than ever, technology investments are inseparable from business strategy; technology buying decisions are made to deliver business outcomes. And so sits the challenge of high-tech firms: To move past buzzwords and products and better understand the issues and challenges of the industries and buyers you are trying to serve.

The Complex Buyer

The B2B buyer is complex to say the least. Individuals have taken on the consumer habits of B2C purchases, and yet B2B decision making is still a complex, sometimes hidden process. Understanding buyer priorities can shortcut an arduous sales motion; guessing secures a poor hit rate and long sales cycles.

Industry Segmentation

Industry definitions and lines are far more nuanced than old-school SIC codes. Taking a broad-brush view will obscure the real issues of any industry; too fine a cut is hard to operationalize. How do you understand, structure, and prioritize industries that are dynamic and complex? Prioritize well and drive growth; organize and prioritize poorly drives cost and frustrates sales.

Industry Outcomes

Walking in the shoes of your prospective buyers is hard to do. It often requires knowledge of their economics, operations, and limitations — items you have read about but may have never experienced. So how do you empathize with your buyer? What is an outcome that matters and can be connected to your technology? How do you differentiate based on outcomes you are just beginning to understand?

Buzzword-Free Content

Buzzwords and acronyms are fun. Free-flowing terms like AI and blockchain can make almost anything seem cool. In this market, there is ample opportunity to confuse buyers coming up to speed with the dizzying pace of technology. Unfortunately, in your path sits a business owner and CFO committed to business outcomes and immune to terminology.

Personalization At Scale

Due to the real risk of GDPR, expanding spam filters, and greater discretion, the days of easy scale and email blasts are over. Now, it’s the hard work of creating inbound and outbound tactics where your prospects expect personalized treatment.

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